LFCS – Client OpenLDAP Authentication

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We previously set up OpenLDAP servers for both CentOS7 and Ubuntu 18.04.9 Even though the setup of OpenLDAP is not on the LFCS exam, setting up a client is on the exam.

Make sure you have two...

BASH 03 – Command-line Processing

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It is important to understand how the command-line processing occurs. The procedure of examining the command issued is not as straight-forward as you might think.

Going over a command to see how...


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Ubuntu can make for a very nice gaming system if you have all the apps to run the games you want. What if you could install a lot of the apps all at once?

Gamebuntu is a script that installs a...

Ubuntu Docking

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Operating Systems have some type of docking mechanism that allows a user to choose the apps to run.

By default, Ubuntu 20 and 21 use Gnome. The typical dock placement is to the left side of the...

LFCS – Creating LDAP on Ubuntu

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I hope you have looked over the previous article to set up OpenLDAP on CentOS 7 system found...

Bash 02 – Variables and Such

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Within BASH, you can use variables. Variables are names that can represent specific information. If you remember your days in math, specifically some stage of algebra, you may recall variables...

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