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Hands on with lsof

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lsof stands for "List Open Files," and as the name implies, it's a command-line tool in Linux that provides a detailed list of all open files on the system. Open files in this context refer to any...

The Vim Text Editor

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I use Vim, all my homies use Vim.. do you use Vim? Vim is a powerful and popular text editor for Linux that is known for its efficiency and flexibility. It is widely used by developers and system...

Conky - Real Time System Info on Your Desktop

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Many people would like to see real-time statistics about their system on their desktop. The information shown on the desktop by 'Conky' is configurable.

Let's look into installing 'Conky' and...

Install Ubuntu Server on Synology NAS

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This one is pretty straight forward - network and everything else works right out of the box. I chose the 'server' version because I won't be connecting with this looking for any UI, i'll mainly...

Install Arch Linux on Synology NAS

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Today I installed an Arch VM on my Synology NAS (AMD Ryzen R1600) and ran into a couple of things that I wanted to document and share. The following is a video going through all of the steps to...


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Sometimes you may need some information about the system you are currently using. Whether it is your system or one that belongs to someone else, you may not want to spend a lot of time snooping...

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