BASH Game - Battleship

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This will probably be the last BASH game I do. These games have shown how someone can make a different game in BASH. Whether the game is cards, dice or a board game, they can be fun and...

LFCS - Installing and Managing Apache Web Server

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Having a Web Server is an important service to have running in a business.

Whether the server will be accessed internally or externally, it is a beneficial tool for anyone.

In this article, we...

LFCS - Printing Setup and Management with CUPS

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Network printing allows for the sharing of printers. By sharing printers, you can reduce the number of required resources needed to be purchased.

Systems send print jobs to the print server. The...

Kali in VirtualBox

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If you experiment with VirtualBox and Linux distros, then I'm sure you have tried Kali as a Virtual Machine.

With Kali 2023.2, there are special virtual machines (VM) made for downloading that...

DCA - 09 - Scaling Docker Services with Replication

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When you create a new service, it runs on one node by default. You can replicate a service to multiple nodes if needed.

Having one instance will not provide instant fault tolerance. If a service...

BASH Dice Game

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Previously, I did an article on a BASH card game called Go Fish. In this article, I will make a Yahtzee style game in BASH. The completed game is downloadable from below.

Let's go over some of...

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