Trying Out Some Nautilus Extensions

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Nautilus is the default File Manager used on the GNOME desktop in Ubuntu.

For those of you use Nautilus as your default File Manager, I am going to cover some extensions that you can add to make...

Manipulating PDFs with PDFsam

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Many people use PDF files for sending and reading documents. A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a format to store text and images in their original layout. This means that if you create a PDF...

Elevate Your Terraform Game: Helpful Tools for Linux Users"

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As a popular infrastructure as code tool, Terraform has revolutionized the way software developers deploy and manage cloud resources. However, Terraform's command-line interface can be...

LFCS – Setting up a DHCP Server

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Most people may not deal directly with a Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) Server. Everyone will connect to the internet at times and their device is assigned an IP Address. A DHCP Server...

Popular Keyboard Shortcuts for the GNU Bash Shell

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The GNU Bash shell, an acronym for GNU Bourne-Again Shell, is a Unix shell and command-line interpreter used in most Linux distributions and macOS. It has become the de facto standard for shell...

DCA – 05 – Creating Docker Images

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There are many images we can use in Docker, but there may be times we need to create our own images. Images that we need to manipulate to suit our needs.

So, we are going to make our own images...

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