70 Tango Charlie

My name is Charlie Corder,
I guess there is something about old people having to take longer to do things: so, I will now fill you all in on some of my background.
I got involved with computers when Timex first came out with a small box to hook up to the TV set. I could not figure out what to do after I plugged it in so it sat in the basement in its' box.
Next came in 1993 when a friend invited me to 'get on the internet' at the local library. I knew nothing at the time about computers. It took 30 minutes, but I was finally able to turn the cp on and off.
Next came a gift desktop so I could learn how to type.
In 1995 I had my first internet capable cp. It was Windows 95. Stayed with Windows until about 2014 when I found Linux. Since then I have downloaded and installed several different distros, mainly to see which ones were the easiest to transition to for a Win person. I have settled on Linux Mint Mate.
My philosophy is - and has been for quite a while - you are never too old to learn something new.
I do some Terminal stuff, but prefer the GUI, because it's more familiar to me.
I am convinced that Linux would be everything that the average cp user could ever want or need. It does require some learning, but, doesn't everything when you are first introduced to it?
I just bought an ASUS netbook about a month ago for under $300. It came with Win 10 {which I cannot stand} which I immediately erased and installed LM 19.2 Tina. Have not been one bit sorry, not even a tiny bit. LOL.
I guess us older people tend to get 'windy' and don't know when to stop; so I will stop, with this comment - Keep the good things coming, as I am learning a whole lot on Linux dot Org.
Nov 15, 1934 (Age: 85)
Jenison Michigan USA
Retired Shoemaker


Henry Ford once said - concerning the Model T and Model A Fords - "You can have any color you want, as long as it is black!"
A correlation to this might be - "You can have any Microsoft Operating System you want, as long as it is Windows 10!"
That's one of the big differences between Linux and any other OS - Freedom to choose!!!




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