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    Substitute For VM

    @wizardfromoz @Vrai @captain-sensible @Nik-Ken-Bah Hello everyone, I've been thinking quite a bit lately about VMs and have come to this semi-conclusion. Do you have an old cp laying around that you don't use much anymore? You do? Great! Make it your substitute for a VM. By using Gparted you...
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    @VP9KS Reminds me of a student I had one time. Two brothers bought an Aeronca Chief - same as what I learned to fly in. I was the only instructor with tail dragger time so they became my students. One bro was fine. The other was not. He did not want to do the airwork. So we spent 4 hours in...
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    I had a shoe repair shop for 45 years. When I first started, I worked for an old German fellow. He had just bought a new stitcher to sew soles onto mens' shoes. He still had the old one stuck in the corner so I asked if I could take it apart and put it back together. OK says he. Took me all...
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    @Vrai Reminds me of when I got my first bicycle. It was a used one that my older brother bought for me. First thing I did was to tip it upside down on the porch and start taking it apart. My mother came out and saw what I was doing and was quite upset with me. My response was "But Ma, I have...
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    Have you thought about taking off your shoes and socks and ............. {Just trying to bring a little humor to an unhumorous situation} ........maybe type with your feet? You could invent a new keyboard and maybe call it a 'Footboard'! Become an entrepreneur. Start a company. Become a CEO...
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    What would Distro would work on an old Dell Vostro 410?

    Greetings Rob_Johnson, and welcome; If i were doing what you are doing, I would hop on over to and look at the right hand side for a list of different distros. Scroll down until you reach Linux Mint and click on it. {Mint is pretty close to the top.} A new window will...
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    @VP9KS Thanks for the info. I'll go to the FAAs' site soon and download some stuff. OG TC
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    @Vrai @poorguy Good posts guys. PoorGuy, I admire people like you who invest the time to look into things before jumping in. I have a daughter in law who is just like that. I have great admiration for her also. Some of us don't learn very well by reading, so we need to learn the hard way...
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    CentOS 8 STREAM : Install Issues, [Black Screen]

    Greetings Jon_Luis and Welcome! As I was reading your post, I went back to where you said you were 'green behind the ears' when it comes to Linux. The question I have is: why did you pick Cent OS to replace Ubuntu? Just curious. Old Geezer Tango Charlie
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Brings back a lot of good memories of my flying days. OG TC
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    From Drawing (ODG) format to Picture (JPG) Format

    @captain-sensible Works perfectly! OGTC
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    Relax, and take your time.

    Hello everyone,@wizardfromoz @captain-sensible @Condobloke @Rob @atanere Being a new Linux convert has been a most pleasant and unpleasant experience for me. That might seem like a contradiction, but I assure you that it is not. Let me explain. I'll start with the 'most pleasant' part first...
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    How to clone Xtra-PC Linux

    Greetings Platypus, and welcome; I won't be telling you how to clone or make an iso of your xtraPC but would ask you to take a look at the attached post on the forum. It is a description of how to get a Linux Memory Stick to work on a Windows 10 computer. Believe me, it is not an easy thing to...
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    Keeping track of terminal commands

    @Vrai Thanks for that one. I'm going to give that a good workout and see if it does what I think I need ??? OG TC
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    Linux Newbie - Can't boot from USB

    Greetings Champ, and welcome to the forum! Regarding Etcher; do as Chris suggested and use it. I have tried all the others and found that Etcher really works the best. Cheers Old Geezer Tango Charlie