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    new at this linux thing and can't get some things workinghi

    Greetings @wildcat374 , I am also running Linux Mint 19.3; and I have wine running on my LM. Here's a screenshot of the two apps I installed. All I know is that it works with both of them installed. Old Geezer TC
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    newest kid on the block

    @hacodo75 Let me explain what happens when you press the 'prt sc' key. It works just like copy and paste. The picture of the screenshot goes to the clipboard, and waits there until you paste it somewhere. Clear as mud, no? OG TC
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    newest kid on the block

    H This is just to show you how easy it is to do screenshots in Linux Mint 19.3. I did this a minute ago, and here it is now: That is how easy it is to do in LM 19.3 In case you just want part of the screen, you can do this: That's really how easy it is with the screenshot tool in LM 91.3...
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    help choose linux distro

    @IPA Welcome Empleat, I would agree with everything that IPA has mentioned. If you use Linux Mint 19.3 'live' iso, and boot from it, you can look at it, try everything on it, play with it: all without disturbing your Windows OS. That's the beauty of using a 'live' distro. Then if you are...
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    hello, am new here

    Welcome to this forum @Rasheed, Here is a good introduction to Linux. Enjoy the read. Old Geezer TC
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    Hello Linux World!

    Welcome lain, from the Old Geezer TC. Have a great stay and we hope to learn a lot from you along the way. :cool::cool::cool:
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    newest kid on the block

    Looks like you are gaining on it. I will guarantee that once you have Linux up and running, taking screenshots is a whole lot easier. OG TC Harald, Did that screenshot come from following the steps I gave you in #94? OG TC
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    Welcome new user

    Welcome! I am always happy to see a new face here. Old Geezer TC
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    newest kid on the block

    Harald, Nothing wrong with your brain! After all, you are giving Linux a try. After you take your 'prt-Sc' pic, you will not find it anywhere visible - UNTIL - you open a word processor: MS Word, Libre Office Writer or some such thing. Once you have that open, press the 'Ctrl + V' keys to paste...
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    newest kid on the block

    @hacodo75 Hey there fellow oldster, Just a foolish question from a fellow oldster - on your Windows 10 have you tried the 'Prt-Sc' button on your keyboard to take a Screenshot? Old Geezer TC
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    newest kid on the block

    @captain-sensible Hey Cap, You asked for it!!! Annnd here it is! No more fooling anyone with a chrome dome like this. LOL. Old Geezer TC
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    All the best to you, my friend. Improvement is on the way. OG TC :)

    All the best to you, my friend. Improvement is on the way. OG TC :)
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    Partitioning Funtoo

    Gparted is not the same as parted, which sometimes comes installed on your distro. Do you have Gparted-live installed on a flash drive? It would help also, if you could give some information about your computer. OG TC
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    Timeshift & Similar Solutions - Safeguard & Recover Your Linux

    @Condobloke Exactly right Brian! Here's a screen shot of my Timeshift I just now took. All available locations will show up in this window. As you can see, my location for my snapshots is an external 3TB drive. Old Geezer TC I love screenies!
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    Partitioning Funtoo

    Greetings @pizzapablo and welcome to Linux dot org. Are you familiar with Gparted? If not, you might take a look at this site. When it comes to partitioning, Gparted is very good. As per your individual problem, perhaps it may give you some hints and ideas. With that being...