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    New laptop

    the upgrade could be part of it. I remember when I upgraded my mac to mojave it broke a few programs and it does seem slower. at any rate, good luck.
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    Installed ssh on Debian how to remote login?

    there shouldn't be a reason to contact your provider. if the ssh server is outside your network then you'll have to do some extra configuration, but if it's on your network you should be able to just connect. yeah sticking with Ubuntu should be fine.
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    Installed ssh on Debian how to remote login?

    negative ghost rider. you connect to ssh using the ip of the system you want to connect to. I'll break it down for you. your computer has an IP address. to run an ssh server you get it to listen for connections on a port (usually port 22). to use it you simply use ssh like this:ssh...
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    New laptop

    if it really is a internet related problem then replacing hardware isn't what you need. if the internet is the only thing slowing down on your system it's probably an internet problem (crazy thought, I know).
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    Linux old school

    You guys are old lol. I can't imagine having to download anything for days. Then again, my generation are very good users but don't really understand what they wield. It's all very surface level.
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    [UNSOLVED] Can’t choose installation type Ubuntu 18.04

    I would try using a different usb drive. the chances that all those linux distros were messed up are small. also try it on a different computer.
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    What Should I Do With This Server?

    so I have a home server set up that nobody in my house wants to use. I was going to set it up to be a file server/backup kind of thing but apparently everyone would rather just use up of gigs of storage on their devices instead. I want to use it as more than a backup server. I've heard of using...
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    How to set up and remote login to SSH from a dynamic IP address?

    yeah, if it's on your home network it doesn't matter whether your public ip is dynamic or not. run "ifconfig" and "ss -ant" and post what the output is.
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    hello world

    no problem. I'd prefer that over a short answer that doesn't explain things.
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    hello world

    yeah well you pick up a thing or two in 119 years lol. I kind of figured you were either British or Australian based on your choices of words. why do you have so many linux boxes?
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    hello world

    hey guys. I guess I'll give a little backstory on why I'm here. I haven't been into Linux or anything like that long. a little more than a year. I've learned a lot in that time. at the end of last August I joined a popular "hacking forum," since I want to get a job as a penetration tester at...
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    issues with kali and macbook pro 2017

    I actually use a live Kali USB on mojave. I use an Apple keyboard and an old mouse (since the Apple bluetooth mouse won't work with kali). I haven't ever had problems. Both the keyboard and mouse don't work?
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    Security and VPN's

    @wizardfromoz mentioned it might be good to explain entropy and how it effects passwords. entropy is the randomness, chaos, and disorder in something. for example password1234 has very low entropy. whereas aapg.*g27))/g27mdg3bb3 has a much higher entropy. the reason this is important is because...
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    socket and ip addresses

    I've learned a lot about networks from different sources. I'm by no means an expert, but I know a thing or two. one of the first things I read was tcp/ip for dummies. I forget who writes it. learning about tcp/ip will really help you understand networking better. another good one is the network+...
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    Security and VPN's

    I agree with this. Linux is pretty good security-wise when used properly. If you're just going to be using it as a general use computer then your main concern is going to be client side attacks. Malware and phishing, that kind of thing. There's some basic things you should do in addition to what...