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    Easy apache forcefully uninstallation.

    When i try installing some php extentions using easy apache 4 in whm, it uninstalls some extensions and packages. Anybody can help me with that?
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    Network Manager Question

    try running commands like "nmcli con show" or something and see if it throws any output..
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    I want to try new linux

    I am personally using centos which is great for servers.
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    Best Distro For Replacing Winodows Server 2016

    I use centos servers which are pretty awesome.
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    Which Linux distro for programming

    You can start the programming on any distro. I personally use centos but as others suggested, you can go for other distros too.
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    Improve panel icon quality

    Looks like a driver related issue to me..
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    CentOS 7 Everything ISO - Won't Load Desktop Enviroment Will this link help you?
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    Learning Server Admin for CentOS

    you can use virtual box and create server and desktop environment on centos. To understand server admin works i would recommend redhat certification courses. Good luck.
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    Improve panel icon quality

    Did you use monitor before with the system?
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    Please check last modified time of the files too.
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    General ubuntu security This link might help you.
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    How would you rectify the problem 'Can't create new cpanel accounts'?

    Please check disk quota and bandwidth limits too just to confirm.
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    Preferred OS for servers.

    Thanks for your informative reply. I work with Centos servers which are quite awesome. Haven't worked with debian servers much tbh.
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    Find and move filles with specific extensions

    You must have got your answer by now. Additionally you can use locate command also to find files. This link may help you. Good luck.