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  • linux mint | Firefox | DoD cac issues

    I've a successful dual-boot of Win/Linux - Cinnamon on my old Toshiba AND a dual boot on a brand new MSI windows 10... no smart card luck

    *For now, any info from users who run Firefox with DoD cards would be appreciated*

    I've found Firefox directions on the DoD PKI website but maybe its a driver issue.
    Lord Boltar
    Lord Boltar
    you need to install OpenSC - coolkey no longer works it is dated
    sudo apt install opensc
    Open your Mozilla Firefox Browser then click Edit – Preferences – Privacy & Security now scroll down to the bottom and click on Security Devices
    Click on Load and change the Module Name to CAC Reader
    Now click the Browse button navigate to the following file
    /usr/lib/x 86_64-linux-gnu/opensc-pkcs11.so
    Click OK
    Lord Boltar
    Lord Boltar
    now put your CAC card into CAC Reader
    now you have a couple of options to get the needed certificates when you go to a .mil site you will get an error "Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead" just click on Advanced and add the certificate and reload the page it should come up or go to militarycac.org and get the from there
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