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    Can't seem to boot any debian/based distro

    Hello, yes. For what i know, it is setup for usb boot. I would say it does have a setup for usb boot. (I booted manjaro by usd just fine). And i remember, years ago, it was not allowed to change the OS it came with (came with gnu/linux Canaima). A debian-Based distro. And sometimes, the schools...
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    Can't seem to boot any debian/based distro

    Yeah, i know it has to be 32 bit, i also have another desktop pc with also 32 bit, it booted just fine, i first booted linux mint 32 bits mate, and right now has Lubuntu. They are the same ISOs i used for the laptop.
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    helpl me please

    Pues como tal no puede usar programas de Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc), sin embargo, hay una herramienta llamada wine, que sirve para ejecutar progrmas de windows. (La uso, funciona muy bien con juegos). Y además, si gusta, hay algunas alternativas gratuitas y muy buenas a programas de...
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    Can't seem to boot any debian/based distro

    I'm using a 32 bit pc, know as "Canaima", it may be known as the pc the Venezuelan government gave a time ago. The interesting thing is that these laptops used to come with a debian-based distro know as 'Canaima' (pretty awfull tbh). But when someone gave it to me it had windows 7. As it was...