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    Lubuntu 20.04 How install CDEMU ?

    Hello. Not see an CDEMU for Lubuntu 20.04. Have details in Linux that create difficulties to use. Hey about your user image .. you use any DAW ? If yes is good DAW ? Thanks very much.
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    Gaming on Linux is awesome

    I am new Linux user. Raine is an good emulator. I had tried the Linux version at moment not see how run because even click in the executable the software not start. Using WINE and Raine windows version the emulator start and run without problems and strange detail that run more fast than in...
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    Lubuntu 20.04 Have any tool or setting to configure an time to system flush data to disk ?

    I am an new Linux user. In windows i had used primocache where configure to be an write cache buffer for system partition using 256 MB for buffer and only writing data to disk when the buffer is full or when shutdown the computer. Is very good feature because avoid repeated write on disk. With...
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    Lubuntu 20.04 how save overclock settings in nvidia x server settings ?

    GT 640. I wait to underclock GPU and memory simply because original design the GPU run above of 65 C and memory are extremely hot. I only need to underclock and save to allways when starting the system load underclock values. I am new Linux user and not wait to return to an system where the...
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    Lubuntu 20.04 How install CDEMU ?

    Lubuntu 20.04 64 bits. "apt search —names-only cdemu" was used and result with nothing. Is possible install cdemu for Ubuntu previous version ?
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    Lubuntu 20.04 how save overclock settings in nvidia x server settings ?

    I have enabled nvidia x server overclock settings using coolbits. Is an few strange that using coolbits using an option value not is possbile enable both fan and overclock settings at same time. When selecting coolbits to enable overclock settings allways that starting the system the previous...
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    Lubuntu 20.04 How install CDEMU ?

    Hello. I have installed cdemu ppa using sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cdemu/ppa and apt-get update. Trying sudo apt-get install cdemu or sudo apt-get install gcdemu cdemu-client both not work displaying message not being possible find package with both names. How install CDEMU in Lubuntu ? Have...
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    Linux have an good image mounter with support to DAA compressed and ISZ ?

    In Linux have an good image mounter with support to DAA ( PowerISO ), DAA compressed ( PowerISO ), ISZ (UltraISO) and MDS ? If not what is the image file type with more high compression ration in Linx ? Have an image format in LInux with compression ratio more high than DAA and ISZ ? Thanks for...
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    Is it safe to use third party email client apps like Thunderbird?

    Thunderbird and Seamonkey are good email client. Seamonkey is an browse and email client. The good detail is that use much less RAM than Firefox and is possible change several settings in propertis where Firefox not allow being only possible using about:config. Using Thunderbird and using...
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    Low cost and good performance ? AMD Zen 4 cores or more cores if the price is good and not use high watts. Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 is fast enough to video enconder, playback and for basic simple CUDA for render or others software using that API. PLEASE confirm if GT 1030 have NVENC if not have...
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    How install BizHawk ?

    I use Lubuntu 20.04 X64. How to install BizHawk ? In say need : - Mono complete - Mono VB.NET - glibc - OpenAL - NVIDIA's cgc utility - distro's LSB implementation I have installed Mono complete and the distro LSB implementation What is the exact name of...
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    Lubuntu 20.04 what is the meaning for settings in FSTAB ?

    Lubuntu 20.04 installed in BTRFS partition. In FSTAB file has the lines defaults,noatime,space_cache,autodefrag 0 2 What is the action that each setting above is doing in system ? Thanks for reply.
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    Lubuntu 20.04 how install nvidia proprietary metapackage driver in an offline system ?

    Thanks for reply and the link. When installing metapackage the downloaded files wil be installed and not deleted. All files is here /var/cache/apt/archives/. Is possible copy all files and in an new system installation copy all file back to that folder, but to be installed need update or change...
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    How exactly enable BTRFS full compression in all folders in disk ?

    I am new to Linux. Mount with -o compress or -o compress-force mean what command configuration to do in FSTAB ? My fstab is # <file system> <mount point> <type> <options> <dump> <pass> UUID=69b4d9c8-138b-4c57-8b34-6b087d19314d / btrfs...
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    Lubuntu 20.04 how install nvidia proprietary metapackage driver in an offline system ?

    @sp331yi Thanks for reply. The reply is about installing the video driver from nvidia ? I wait to install nvidia metapackage driver from metapackage open source ( the driver listed in ADDITIONAL DRIVERS in SOFTWARE SOURCE ). I have copied all files downloaded by installing using additional...