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    gdm does not start

    Hello GUys I need an help to understand an help about how to fix an issue with the accountsservice which goes in timeout preventing ubuntu to boot properly. Basically gdm does not start because of that. This is bascally the error I've tried to unistall/reinstall the accountsservice package...
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    error: can't find command 'hwmatch' during boot

    Hello to Every I need an help to understand how to properly solve an issue happened un an Ubuntu 18.04. Basically once Ubuntu frezeed and the user was forced to run a Hard Reboot, ubuntu started wit the following error Code: error: can't find command 'hwmatch' then clicking on the keyboard...
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    Running X application without Desktop Environment

    I'm tryng to configure a Linux to work as a kiosk running google-earth only and I'm just following a guide about how to run it Without Desktop Environment that it would be perfect for me: Basically if i boot in...
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    Raid 1 rebuilt

    Hello Guys I need some help because I will have to replace a disk in a Linux Workstation and rebuild its Software Raid1. For Sure before start I will run a full data backup but I never did a RAID repair, so I need to be sure about the step I have to follow. The system should be configured like...
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    Install Ubuntu Desktop with raid 1 and mdadm

    Hello Guy I need to install an ubuntu desktop with RAID 1 Software and i need to clarify points that i discovered were not so clair in my mind. in the past i have used the Ubuntu Server installation to implement RAID 1 but one of my collegue told to try to use mdadm with ubuntu Desktop so i...