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    sql_mode for Mariadb on Debian 9 (Stretch)

    The information on how sql_mode is supposed to be set does not seem to conform to what my system does. OBJECTIVE: Permanently set sql_mode sql_mode = 'NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION' APPROACH: Put the following statement into one of the config files for Mariadb, that is read...
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    Boot Taking Long Time, Stuck for All I Know

    I can't find the logs for the fsck. I tried syslog, but the stuff is not in there
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    Boot Taking Long Time, Stuck for All I Know

    Once I found the reference to this problem at VMWare, I rebooted, then interrupted the reboot to open the GNU GRUB Edit Menu. In there, I appended to the end of the line starting with linux. From there, resumed the boot that went immediately to emergency mode...
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    Boot Taking Long Time, Stuck for All I Know

    This webpage at VMWare includes instructions for resolving this problem. I followed the steps it suggested and that solved the problem. The fix took several hours to run.
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    Boot Taking Long Time, Stuck for All I Know

    auxo is the name of directory. I just made up the name. Nothing to do with cars
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    Startup a File (Image, Song, Video, Text, etc) on boot or Login?

    Anything you want started at login can be done by adding the commands to certain files that are read when logging in. Figuring out exactly which files are the ones that apply to your your system is a tricky topic. I am going to try providing a simple explanation, without totally ignoring the...
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    Boot Taking Long Time, Stuck for All I Know

    Booting Debian 10 vm as guest under VMware Fusion on MacOS. I have searched and not found much relevant information. I am hoping you can help me figure out what is going on and whether there is anything I can or need to do besides wait. Console looks like this for the last 30 minutes...
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    Debian Virtual Machine Lost SSH

    I found the problem. An installation I did with apt yesterday came with a suggestion to run autoremove, which I did. That autoremove took sendmail off the system, I am not sure why. I have phpmailer on this system... anyway, with sendmail gone, it was causing a fail at boot time, you can see...
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    Debian Virtual Machine Lost SSH

    CANNOT Connect With SSH Debian server running as virtual machine under VMWare Fusion with MacOS as the host. It has been working great for years, through upgrades. I have no idea why anything changed, it was working fine last time I started it up 12 hours ago. I did not notice any problems...
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    What does SMP Stand for with Regard to Squid?

    Ten google searches, fail to find. o_O:eek::oops::rolleyes::( I found a definition, sort of: What does SMP stand for? Squid Multi Process?
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    Linux on MacBook Pro 2019

    Have you considered running Linux as a virtual machine under VMWare Fusion, Plesk, VirtualBox or other hypervisor. In the case of VMWare Fusion, all Macs launched in 2011 or later are supported except 2012 Mac Pro “Quad Core”. That puts VMWare on the hook for making the keyboard and trackpad...
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    ssl is not working with domain

    Here are my 2 cents. When a browser is pointed at https://any_domain.tld, the browser is going to need to see a certificate from any_domain.tld It looks to me like you get that, and that would be why you re-built the certificate in order to replace the old one and I added the dns address. I...
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    Squid/Anonymous Proxy Feasibility Check

    Before smacking my head on the complications/specifics of setting up a proxy with Squid, I would like to request a sanity check on my plan. I am not asking any detailed questions at this point, I am just trying to validate the feasibility of my plan. My objective is to run the internet...
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    Language A vs. Language B

    I have read ten articles in the last three days explaining the difference between PHP and Python. Not less than half said python dynamic compared to php. I don't know what that means. The main meaningful difference I know about is python is better adapted to non-webserver requirements...
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    Language A vs. Language B

    Thank you for taking time to explain. Can you think of an example of how python is more expressive or less verbose?