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    What is the latest News on Linux as an OS base for mobile phones?

    So what is the bottom line ? is there a "Lin" phone available , practically i.e. (reasonable cost, performance, usabillity, apps etc, and that will work with carriers)
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    Linux phone ?

    Hello, I've seen a few things mentioned about linux based cell phones, Pine phone was one I believe... My question is, is there such a thing now? in the future ? If so , what are some of the details. How would it work... etc.
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    Getting set up

    Thanks for all the info, I'll sift thru..... and ask more as I go. FYI Looking for Desktop, my main use is for day to day things, email, surfing etc...... nothing too extravagant. ie no gaming, video editing..... etc I'm a data and into junkie, so I collect a lot of files, books articles etc...
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    Getting set up

    looking for info on getting set up with a Linux PC Not so much for the Linux OS, and the various versions. But more for the hardware side of it. Haven't researched it much so i thought I would start here. Can you buy a Linux computer off the shelf ? if not, or if its preferable, buy the...
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    Getting started on linux path...

    Hello, newbie here. Looking to rid myself of windows, and move to a Linux machine. So I'm looking to get basic info. on the process , the ups / downs of it etc. I am familiar, with UNIX based AIX, (lived by it at IBM), so somewhat familiar . Basically looking into the process, where/what type...