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    Daily reboot via cockpit

    RHEL 8 / CENTOS 8 administration with cockpit web console free Udemy course.
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    Friday night out

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    Help needed with mounting weirdness....

    I am glad that I help
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    Help needed with mounting weirdness....

    Check this
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    Help needed with mounting weirdness....

    you have to make a filesystem for each of your partition
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    Help needed with mounting weirdness....

    I can't see something wrong from your screenshots. The only I can think is: did you make a filesystem with mkfs.ext4 (example) in your partition?
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    A way to access files from Ubuntu server

    I am not sure if understand well but check this out, maybe is useful
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    Check permission of a services

    run ls -l command against the full path of your service e.x ls -l /usr/bin/ssh
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    Grub rescue problem

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    How to flash Windows 10 on usb on kali linux

    use dd command. download windows image in, let's say your Download dir, plug your usb thump disk, let's say /dev/sdb and run sudo dd if=Download/your/path/to/windows.iso of=/dev/sdb status=progress
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    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1065G7 CPU @ 1.30GHz - Sound not working - cant see sound card

    Istall alsa-utils and run it from terminal. it will open a window that you need to press “m” key to unmute your machine. it’s a common issue in arch installations.
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    Can i login with root account in last virsion of kali?

    I use sudo -i or su -
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    Sort of new to Kali Linux. Having trouble with installing Guest Additions
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    USB drive mount to linux server

    What distro you use? Anyway just type lsblk and find your USB , usually will return something like /dev/sd(a) (b) (n) if you have only one internal HDD most probably will be /dev/sdb after that type mount /dev/sdb /mnt or where else you want to mount it. type mount and check the last lines of...
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    VM software for metasploitable on kali linux Just be sure that you will download the .vdi image which is suitable for VMs