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    Virtualization solutions for Linux - pros, cons and hardware requirements

    yeap, thats right, go ahead.
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    Virtualization solutions for Linux - pros, cons and hardware requirements

    Hello @nivel.egres If I can put my two cents in this I could tell you that I run qemu/kvm that it’s the best choice for Linux host machines. The problem is that is not “out of the box” in the same manner such as virtual box it is. Good news, if you are a middle class Linux user you can set it up...
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    Trying to take ownership of Second SSD

    Hello @Redbatman89, What the ls -l /home/gabecrafton/ command output is? Did you try chown command?
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    LFCS Exam

    Hello @DawidBlom , I could advise you to enroll yourself in wizlabs (I don't know if this is an advertisement). They have a course for RHCSA that it cost only 10 euro. I have enroll and I found it really good in contrast with so many courses there are out there. I don't know the subjects for...
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    SElinux in ubuntu 18.04.3 server

    Hello out there and hope all of us stay home. more time for linux. So, for educational reasons I have installed SElinux in Ubuntu server 18.04.3 in vm. I have removed apparmor. I run command selinux-activate and selinux-config-enforcing. In file /etc/selinux/config selinux looks to be...
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    owncloud under Raspberian

    Solved guys
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    owncloud under Raspberian

    Hello everybody Could pls somebody help me bcz I cant find solution on line. So I have set up nextcloud in a Raspberry pi which running Raspberian as OS. Installation went well so I am able to see nextcloud initial page under https://MY_IP/nextcloud. BUT I have attached two external hdd that I...
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    <SOLVED> listing all users via commandline......what the hell are all of these users on my machine???? lol

    Hello @smooth_buddha , I will answer to you as they answered to me when I was new here in this forum. “There is not a start here point” You can find outnumber sources about Linux in wed and YouTube videos but the best way to learn is to repeat all of them in your machine. The only suggestion I...
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    mysql server info

    Hello @rene_p Hope will be helpful
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    nextcloud server, no access from internet

    Solved ... router issues. Nothing to do with configuration.
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    nextcloud server, no access from internet

    Hello guys, I set up an ubuntu server in a Pi 4 and install nextcloud into it. Within LAN everything working perfect but from outer internet I can access only the default page of ubuntu. I have set up static IP, I have set up port 80 in my router and ufw is enable and apache ALLOW from...
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    Raspberry Pi is not booting with Ubuntu Server image.

    Hello everybody, I just burn a SD card with Ubuntu Server image for Pi 4 as per official instructions from Ubuntu site but Pi never boot. I use the official package of Pi 4 so power supply is the official one. Moreover Noobs working fine. Anybody with same issue?
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    Need Help with Samba permissions on sub directories.

    If I understood well we want to have a FTP server , why don’t you install owncloud or nextcloud app on top of Ubuntu server?
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    compile kernel

    Hello guys , I have downloaded all required programs for compiling. I used menuconfig which completed successfully. After that I run make command and I had the above error. I will try to copy the existing kernel and I will be back. Thanks for your time.
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    compile kernel

    Hello there, Im trying to compile latest kernel 5.5.2. During "make" command, I have this error: make[1]: *** No rule to make target 'certs/rhel.pem', needed by 'certs/x509_certificate_list'. Stop. make: *** [Makefile:1693: certs] Error 2 I use CentOS 8 in a virtual machine. First time...