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    Today's article has you getting the weather in the terminal.

    Hm I haven't seen any mention of HARP for a couple of yrs even on Gab and Parler.
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    Today's article has you getting the weather in the terminal.

    Another neat weather app is ansiweather, it is in most distros repos.
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    Ubuntu to Make Firefox Snap Default in 21.10

    Yes Min is actually pretty nice.
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    What apps outside your sources do you use?

    Here are the ones that I currently have installed: aptitude search ?obsolete i balena-etcher-electron - balenaEtcher is a powerful OS image flasher built with web technologies to ensure i com.github.johnfactotum.foliate...
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    Ubuntu to Make Firefox Snap Default in 21.10

    Icons: ePapirus-Dark Falkon hasn't been updated since 2019. Sadly even Librewolf and Tor browser are based on Mozilla Firefox. It is pretty much a choice of Firefox or a Chromium based browser. Firefox is my main even though I can't stand Mozilla's politics. Nothing else matches Firefox's...
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    Ubuntu to Make Firefox Snap Default in 21.10

    I am not on *buntu, but I am liking Firefox as a Snap. It let's me use the Firefox Beta while having Firefox current installed from the Debian repos. firefox 93.0b7-1 firefox: Installed: 92.0-2 Candidate: 92.0-2
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    Linux Newb needs help with streaming.

    If it is an actual site like Netflix or Hulu you need widevine for DRM. If it is a pirate site it is against the TOS, in which case the thread should be locked.
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    An article about AC Linux - a distro for the visually impaired...

    Here's one for you Arch fans;
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    About Linux Websites

    With Ublock Origin I see no ads on that site. Clicking $0 turns the buy to Download now button. Actually a nice looking website with ads blocked.
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    Restarting my Linux Desktop Journey

    In most distros plocate has replaced mlocate.
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    SMTube Won't Download Videos [solved]

    Give Freetube a try, it always works for me.
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    Login to Chromium

    If by login to Chromium you mean Google Sync, it was removed by Google back in March.
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    Block Ads on Epiphany

    If you want a fast minimal browser try Min. Min | A fast, minimal browser that protects your privacy For YT videos you might try FreeTube
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    Block Ads on Epiphany

    Open Epiphany Browser Go to settings Top Right Corner Click on Preferences OR CTRL + E Uncheck Allow Advertisement in general Tab to block ads If that doesn't work, which it probably doesn't take a look at: Youtube ads are a pain to block even on Firefox Ublock doesn't block them. I use...
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    Conky on Raspberry Pi

    Because I like newer packages. Shiny. Distro: Raspberry Pi OS base: Debian GNU/Linux bookworm/sid cat /etc/os-release PRETTY_NAME="Debian GNU/Linux bookworm/sid" NAME="Debian GNU/Linux" ID=debian HOME_URL="" SUPPORT_URL=""...