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    Ransomware on Linux

    I must respectfully disagree. Statistically speaking, the primary way ransomware infections normally get a foothold is through social engineering. (ie, end users) Normally through email, web surfing, or downloading stuff off the Internet.
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    Qtile weather widget

    @Richard Wallace if you look on their README here: It says to set units in their configuration file, change 'm' (metric) in the config to 's' (Imperial). Fahrenheit is considered part of the Imperial system and Celsius is part of the Metric system.
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    Which file system is most common for a linux server?

    The ext fs variants are the most commonly used. Though XFS is very popular. Especially when there are a ton of small files (like image servers) due to it's efficiency when dealing with large amounts of small files. There are others that are popular too like btrfs. ZFS only runs in user mode...
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    Red Hat 9 beta released

    Don't forget Oracle and Apple too! hah
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    Red Hat 9 beta released

    Actually, Python 2 was officially EOL (Sunset) on January 1st, 2020. Down with IBM! :p
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    D&D Wallpapers because I've been a fan since I was a kid. We switched to MUDs in the early 90s when we no longer lived in the same neighborhood. Though, technology has reached the point that we now play together again online using Foundry VTT even though we all live all over the country now.
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    Python sub process script works on my Windows but not on my Linux

    That's odd. Based on the ping error message, it isn't providing a host to the ping command. I would add print(host) between the input() and subprocess.Popen() calls and validate it does have the host name you typed in. Something might be gumming up your input() call or at least the host...
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    Internet stops working after some time

    Something is making network changes to your machine. Dynamic DNS or something. I would focus on any software that touches network configurations that you have running or scheduled in a cronjob.
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    Internet stops working after some time

    Let me ensure I understand what you're saying. When everything stops working, Plex and other connections still work, but trying to download something or connect to some outside host from the afflicted server fails? You can ping even when it's not working? Sounds like a DNS issue. I...
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    -Linux Funny-

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    [Solved] No Display VGA light is on

    Given you have no video even before the BIOS kicks in suggests it's a hardware issue, not a driver / software issue. I see you've already reset your memory modules which is the first thing I would do. Since you can't *see* the BIOS to do a BIOS reset, I would look at the motherboard and find...
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    [Solved] How to search this forum ?

    The best way to search this forum is by using Google to search for you! Go to and type the following in the search field. " <term to search for>"
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    Ransomware on Linux

    Here is a link on Bleeping Computer about how these guys are now developing Ransomware for Linux. We had a discussion not long ago here on about EDR solution for Linux and whether they were even required. I think this link supports my position on the subject. Hive ransomware now...
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    SMTP advice needed

    Mail servers are actually pretty easy to build. Though these days, I prefer not manage Internet facing mail servers. (ie exposed to the Internet) The sheer volume of attacks on them these days. It's much better to use a hosted mail service that has dedicated provider who has a full security...
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    SMTP advice needed

    Are you only needing an SMTP server to relay forum emails? If so, you only need Postfix. Nothing else. Postfix is actually quite easy to setup, though you just need to read a little and heed security details as a part of the setup. (no open relays!) The biggest issue you might run into is...