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    RPI 4 laptop thing

    I have started trying to make a portable rpi4 and have found and gotten a TFT LCD Innolux AT056tn04 display for $1 I can power it off of the GPIO but haven't found a way to get the 26 pin ribbon connector to work. Does any one have any ideas?
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    How should I proceed to remove Windows from a new refurbished Dell Latitude

    If it doesn't boot to linux you should try writing to the drive from a different device I found this to work well.
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    I am going to try making a linux based UE5 game

    I have a update for this game I have changed to UE5 game engine.
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    repository alternative to github

    My suggestion is a pi hard drive backup. Its not free though but it can be small and if your PC has a failure you can still access your files. Also it can be setup as a nas
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    With the release of the steam deck(Linux/steam OS) the idea of a mainstream Linux console is starting to warm up to the public it seems. This brings me to my real point the console "wars" have become nonexistent basically my question is what types of consoles do most Linux users use as emulators...
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    Ubuntu 20.04 not detecting external monitor after suspend

    Have you checked your drivers I had a similarish problem but with a NVIDIA GPU.
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    Jriver media software

    Has anyone used jrivers media player?I just tried it and has a nice UI and works with linux a little costly but it is a program not a OS like kodi.
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    what will be the best distro for a web developer

    ubuntu and debian
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    what will be the best distro for a web developer

    Also I think canonical/ubuntu has support for aws
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    what will be the best distro for a web developer

    First what are your system specs? Second I would recommend a ubuntu based os like linux mint most of the mainstream ones support live boot so you can test the os before you install it.
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    Anyone using Atomic Pi?

    here is a updated bios I found
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    Anyone using Atomic Pi?

    I have not used a atomic pi but for OS's this sbc should be able to run any 64-bit OS. Also what are you wanting to know about the atomic pi?
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    Mouse(Touchpad) does not work in X (Solved)

    Mouse(Touchpad) does not work in X? Is it a keyboard or a touchpad? Cause if it is a touchpad it may be disabled also have you tryed using a different mouse?
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    Windows 11 Leaked

    If my memory serves me right these are the same people who said windows 10 will be the last windows ( ) Obviously it may be a revision?