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    Windows Tech Support phone spam

    My brother-in-law got a call from someone claiming the same type of thing, several years back. He wanted me to get on the phone to mess with them, so he asked that they call back. When they called, I got on the phone and started acting like I was doing what they asked. Then, I started to tell...
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    Recommend Wifi card for desktop

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    Recommend Wifi card for desktop

    I ended up getting a FebSmart FS-AC87 card off of Amazon. Installed it and it was plug and play - connected right up to my network and I am good to go.
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    Dual Monitors

    How did it go? Were you able to get both monitors working?
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    A bit of a quandary?

    Man I wish I needed another laptop. My wife already complains that I have too many laying around; that price is tempting though
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    verify ISO

    Download a program called Rufus.exe - you can use that to create a bootable Linux USB. Its pretty simple. Check out this page for more info
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    verify ISO

    If you are using the Windows Subsystem for Linux, that will only allow you to install Ubuntu apps - not the whole OS. If you check in All Programs/Apps, you should see whatever version of Linux you downloaded from the Microsoft store (Ubuntu, Kali, etc). This will ONLY allow you to run a CLI...
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    Dual Monitors

    Couple troubleshooting steps I would take: 1 - Make sure that the input setting on the monitor is set to DVI, if the monitor has multiple inputs. You should be able to toggle through the setting, or sometimes it is set at auto detect. 2 - Try single monitor set up - Unplug both monitors from...
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    Dual Monitors

    Is the 2nd monitor detected by your system? If you go to Display settings, does it show one external monitor, or two? If the 2nd one is not shown, is the input set to DVI?
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    Recommend Wifi card for desktop

    Thanks for the info, will definitely need to research a bit
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    Recommend Wifi card for desktop

    I have a Dell Precision T7600 desktop that I'm looking to resurrect with a Linux distro (likely either Zorin 15 or Linux Mint). I need to get a Wifi card for it, since there is no Ethernet in the bedroom that I use for my office. Does anyone have any experience with a particular card brand, or...
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    Which Operating system should be best for lenovo laptops

    I've had no troubles installing Ubuntu, Elementary, or Zorin on several ThinkPads. Running Zoris OS 15 on a ThinkPad P51 and it runs absolutely wonderful. Same for Ubuntu 19.10 on a T480s. The only problem that I've found with the P51 is that my original docking station (model 40A5) wouldnt...
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    Data Collection.

    "Data is the new gold" I've heard say.
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    Pine64 pro questions

    Man, for that price, I want to buy one just because.
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    I'm about to pull my hair out trying to install zorin os

    The USB I set up through Rufus also gave me issues. I used the app they recommend (balenaEtcher) and it worked like a charm. Give that a try and see if it works better for you