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    Docker desktop for linux?

    I'm not sure running a docker container as a full blown OS has any advantages over a VM. For what it's worth docker is "old news" now. Podman is all the rage. Kubernetes actually works as good or better with pod containers than it does with docker containers...
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    Kernel question

    On the other hand... more than new functionality, generally newer kernels have more security and bug fixes in them. LTS is a relative term in kernels. Ubuntu and Redhat have what they call LTS kernels, but that doesn't mean the kernels never get updated. It just means the major versions...
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    Linux console address

    Your hardware has to support it. HP servers have something called an ILO, IBM/Lenovo servers have something called an IMM. These require dedicated network ports. (They don't use your normal LAN port). You assign these an IP address. (usually in the UEFI somewhere) and usually user/password...
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    The Linux family tree.

    I think that's true. But currently is "desktop" really Linux's forte? For example... (I don't know if anyone really has accurate statistics) But depending on which website you believe Linux only own's about 7-10% of the desktop. Both Apple and Microsoft far outpace it as a desktop. On the...
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    Android 9

    It's been my experience, everything doesn't always get unlimited updates. Sometimes it's the manufacturer, sometimes it's the carrier, usually it's a combination of both. But just because an update exists, doesn't mean your carrier supports it. AT&T and Tmobile might support it, but Sprint and...
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    Edit DNS Server

    Lets start with your forward lookup zone file. Here is an example. $ORIGIN @ 3600 SOA ( ; address of responsible party 2020021301...
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    o.e.m = original equipment manufacturer. The company that makes the hardware or software.
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    Edit DNS Server

    what DNS software are you using? what does your current config look like?
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    Linux in VM for everyday office and internet

    virtualBox is probably the easiest and most convenient. the xorg drv is for any VM running under any hypervisor, not just VMware. The guest wont see the proprietary video drivers, but they will run better if the host (server) system has them installed.
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    Linux in VM for everyday office and internet

    I've used about all of them. libvirt, qemu, hyperV, virtualBox, VMware, pxe, and a few others. Just curious, are you running the proprietary AMD/nVidia video drivers? If not, I would recommend installing them. Do you have virtualization tuned on in your BIOS/UEFI settings? Have you installed...
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    Is there a way to use DNS lookup for many hosts at once?

    Much quicker and easier.
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    Is there a way to use DNS lookup for many hosts at once?

    Maybe I'm missing something here, but this is exactly what the /etc/hosts file does. If you don't have a "real" local DNS server. Simply add lines similar to the following to the bottom of this file. The down side is... you need static IP's on these systems. batman
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    compile kernel

    If you have a GUI try make xmenuconfig. Looks like you are missing the openssl-devel headers. You'll need these if you don't have them. yum install -y ncurses-devel make gcc bc bison flex elfutils-libelf-devel openssl-devel grub2 (I typically install the entire C development group) Best thing...
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    Probably basic networking...

    Usually (not always) but usually this requires your ISP to allow routing to your public IP. The big guys here in the US, (i.e. comcast, xfinity, dish, centuryLink, frontier...) almost always block this. to find out what your public IP is... Usually your...
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    sshd + 2fa + ansible issue: how to exclude ansible user from 2fa ?

    I usually get around this by installing sshpass.