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I made the move to Linux in 2011. While I had Windows, if something went wrong, I called Greg. With Linux, I have successfully dealt with every problem that came along with the exception of mounting my external hard drive - still can't do that. I was able to install pretty much everything I want (a few things didn't work) entirely on my own.

I entered Linux world with the idea that there were about 10 distros. WRONG!!!........so I decided to try 10. I can't remember them all.

I ordered Debian on CD. I learned to make bootable USB sticks - started with Linux Mint - was 100% sure I was going with that. It seemed so familiar for a Windows user. I then tried Deepin, Manjaro, 4 others. I came across Ubuntu entirely by accident. I was reading something about Mac and Unity and somehow ended up finding Ubuntu. That was the last distro I tried which I just installed and stayed with. I miss Unity. Everything was soooo smooth compared to gnome...........and seriously!!!!!..... what was wrong with having a dash. After 2 years, I still go looking for that button in the top left corner.

I still have Deepin on my old 32 bit computer. Until I got my new computer 2 months ago, I still used that one to burn startup disks.

I currently have Peppermint on one computer - loving it but still learning it - and Ubuntu on the other....not loving it as much as I used to. I am going to try Zorin as the next step in my learning curve as I have never tried Wine and it comes preinstalled. I miss almost nothing about Windows. I miss Windows Movie Maker but they dropped that after Vista. It is still the very best movie maker I have ever tried. Openshot pushed my computer too far................. 280% CPU usage so not sure what I would try in linux next time. Other than that I miss Photoshop Elements but it isn't free. It came with my computer. GNU works but after 11 years I still find it unbelievably complicated and it takes absolutely forever to accomplish anything there. It is the only program I use that I hate. Photoshop Elements was super easy. Everything else I used in Windows is either available for Linux or there is a suitable substitute.


I reside in Vancouver British Columbia.




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