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    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Anybody seen it?

    They were actual 2 hour-or-so movies, I think. I might have gone to the cinema to watch some of them, even, when I was still living in Spain, but I may be fabricating memories.
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    Seven days with gnome.

    I’m usually a terminal / keyboard shortcuts kind of user, and the kind of user that gets so annoyed when the system interrupts me or when something catches the eye and distracts me, For that, I usually find Gnome 3 much better than others . I have been trying others, like MATE, Cinnamon and...
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    Linux virus

    Hahaha oh man, I didn't mean to "sound" harsh. Interestingly enough, attacking personal computers is something that has a lot of value. This material from Brian Krebs explains what is the value on a personal PC for an adversary. It's from 2012 but today it is still as current as it was back...
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    Limit lines in document to only so many characters, How?

    I got some of those books too. I was going to recommend to have a look to humble bundle periodically, as sometimes they bundle (slightly old editions of) very good O’Reilly Unix books at ridiculously low prices.
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    Limit lines in document to only so many characters, How?

    Hi! You should have a look to sed and awk. And maybe this question at stack exchange would fit your needs
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    Linux virus

    Except that most servers in the world run in Linux, and banks’ servers are not an exception. There are no virus as such (spontaneous and autonomous propagation), but there are heaps of malware (trick the user to click on a link + install stuff, put sudo password) and there are a huge number of...
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    Cloud vs Local

    Not that difficult to find
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    anyone know how to program?

    If you want to learn to program, and not just to learn to code X or Y or Z, I do have a recommendation! is a programming introductory book that teaches programming concepts using javascript as the language driver. Why javascript? Because it is flexible enough and...
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    I'm curious. Where is everybody from?

    East coast of what country?
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    I think that I agree with the RTM but not with the F, that F is something a bit BOFH-ish. Should be PRTM, with a P of please.
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    AutoTux -- A No-brainer for Newbies? MAYBE, but it is MICROSOFT Linux!

    The rationale for each one of them, I guess, falls in the toolings they use in the "Vocational IT, Computing, Robotics and ICT C3 courses in Malta", and if that is so, they may be including any new addition. I was browsing their page and the thing is that they state which packages come...
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    AutoTux -- A No-brainer for Newbies? MAYBE, but it is MICROSOFT Linux!

    Also, the fact that the installer is opinionated and provides powershell out of the box doesn't mean that "Microsoft is behind". Anyone can install powershell almost anywhere, is just a CLI that can make the trip from Windows to macOS or Linux much easier, and it is even in GitHub under MIT...
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    AutoTux -- A No-brainer for Newbies? MAYBE, but it is MICROSOFT Linux!

    I honestly think that the only care we have to have, is to read and understand the privacy policy of anything we commit our data to. No matter where it comes from, no matter if it's something as minimal as popularity-contest, as barbaric as the Microsoft Telemetry Gargantua (which applies also...
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    Fully featured IDE's for Linux? (Debian based)

    I'm not sure about what do you require for a tool to be considered IDE, or if you came across this one (and last time I touched .NET it was 2006), but I'd dare to suggest monodevelop
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    I'm curious. Where is everybody from?

    I'm from Spain, but I live in New South Wales (Australia).