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    i have some questions about the commands

    ok i undrstand thanks, and now souprise sourprise i have more question,its about write a command that show all the files in the actual directory that have a,b,j,e in the extension. i tought it was something like this ls/a*.{a,d,e,j} but wasnt this, i think is similar. someone know the command?
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    i have some questions about the commands

    OK i see now, hahahahaha. im so sorry for ask this idiot questions... and thank you. Now i have another question there is a question that said wrait in the terminal the command hexdump -C < file.c , and ask wath happen and other command date >> something.txt , that ask the same. i try it to...
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    i have some questions about the commands

    I'm doing a job and I have a question with the commands in Linux, first of all I don't understand much about Linux, it's the first time I've used it. The question is, with the command ls -la as I indicate what specific directory I want to look at, for example if I want to look at the desktop...
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    dudas en los comandos

    Hola buenas tardes o noches o dias dependiendo cuado lo lea, soy nuevo en linux y tengo que hacer un trabajo sobre linux, mas concretamente sobre los comandos, y la verdad que estoy absolutamente perdido. Estoy buscando información y estoy respondiendo a muchas de las preguntas pero me he...