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    Considering installing Linux Mint

    Hello @Cymro, Welcome to the Linux.org Forums. You should be able to find many equivalent programs in Mint. It's a great Distro. There is a learning curve but it's not too difficult. Gthumb is a good alternative for infranview. There are plenty of you tube downloaders available. As to...
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    Fans ramping following fresh install of Fedora 37

    you have most likely already checked But have cleaned the fan and exhaust ports recently? and made sure the cpu is in good contact with the heatsink?
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    Debian Testing/Unstable News

    Thanks for the heads up.
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    Cloud computing

    This page maybe of help.
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    Upgrading FireFox Challange

    Hi, Which version of Mint are you using because in Mint 21 FF is at version 107. So I'm assuming your using an older version than that. Or maybe you upgrade to 21 from 20 and It did not change all the apt repositories. In any event you should be able to upgrade fire for to at least version 107.
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    Files doesn't appear in desktop

    first Kalli was not designed to be a desktop daily driver. That being said. If you are using the gnome desktop with it. gnome does not usually show desktop files. But expects you to navigate to the folder containing the files. If that is the case for you and you need the files on the desktop...
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    Files doesn't appear in desktop

    Hello @goodmusic, Welcome to Linux.org forums. Which desktop and what distribution are you using? That would help us help you.
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    I'm looking for a cloud service that can sync with Ubuntu

    This page may give you other ideas to research. You should be able to find one that allows free storage. Good luck.
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    Help to understand directions

    Hello @andrew_s_2022, Welcome to Linux.org forum. Which distro and what software are you trying to install? I can only guess what they may mean by Manual system. There in not really anything called that in most Linux Distros. So give us a bit more to go on.
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    Hello @J_ForMyCat42x, Welcome to Linux.org Forums. We need to know a little more than you have provided. Which distro are you using? You would have to install blender from that distro's repositories. You can learn more about it from their Document page found here. In any event let us know...
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    oh no something has gone wrong .A problem has occurred and the system can't recover

    Kali dev's expect you to be proficient with Linux before you use it. That from the Kali documentation. That being said since so many parameters have been changed in Kali configuration that it would be difficult to say what may have gone wrong with the update. We would need much more info...
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    Linux CPU build

    As has been said any of the Intel or AMD cpu's should be sufficient for the task Either one should do what you want. I have intel here on all my machines simply because that is what was on the Motherboard when I bought it. But I find intel's are well supported in Linux. The I7 and I5's have all...
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    For Thanksgiving- Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it.
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    Hi !

    Hello @chlyde, Welcome to Linux.org Forums. Can't be of much help to you but I'm sure others with server experience will be along. Enjoy!
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    Hello Linux.org!

    Hello @OroWwith2Os, Welcome to the Linux.org forums, enjoy the journey! :)