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    Hello Chickey, Welcome to the Group. Enjoy! :)
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    solved Sudo..I'm confused

    On my debian install I just use su. to become root. But have also setup sudo for my users which I perfer to use. But if I remember right sudo was not setup on initial install.
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    Elementary freezes a lot.

    Yep, Sorry for the late answer I was thinking it may be an Nvidia problem. Try Alexzee's answer. Good Luck. If your not a gamer you can also install nouveau driver and change the grub boot line to include nomodeset. That will also work with most Nvidia cards.
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    looking for advice for distro.

    Hello Aythix, Welcome to the Forum. I think you should download a few different distros and burn them to USB and run each live for a day or so and see which one fitst the bill. I'm not sure all distros support touch Screen but pretty sure Mint and Ubuntu do. I like Mints Cinnamon Desk top but...
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    PSU Help [SOLVED]

    Good point about discharging the caps :)
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    I'm Back.

    Welcome Back Old Timer :)
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    PSU Help [SOLVED]

    you can try taking the PSU cover (Power OFF and unplugged of Course) and with care you can oil the fan bearing you may need something like a meat injector or suringe to get the oil where needed. I'd use machine oil or WD-40 Silocone lubricant or similar. It will only work temporarily but may...
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    Elementary freezes a lot.

    Also could you go to a terminal and type this command and post the results back here. inxi -Fxz If you get an error message inxi command not found you should be able to install it with this command sudo apt install inxi Then run the command again. Thanks.
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    I want to install Linux on my second drive while still having windows on my first one

    The swap partition will depend of if it's laptop and if you intended to hibernate the system You'll need swap if you do that. Also if you have minimal ram say 2GBS or less you'll want a swap partition. If not there is no real need for it. Just tell it to go ahead and use the whole drive if...
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    I want to install Linux on my second drive while still having windows on my first one

    Of the choices you listed I would go with Mint. But you may want to checkout MX-linux-KDE version also.
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    Dualbooting from Linux Mint (not the other way around)

    Here is the problem with install windows after Linux Mint or any other linux distro for that matter. Windows always thinks it is the only OS on the machine and will wipe the MBR or EFI and replace it so grub is no longer in control of your boot sector. You can reverse this by reinstall grub and...
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    I want to install Linux on my second drive while still having windows on my first one

    If everything goes well you should end up with a dual boot system that will work for you. One thing you may need to do is disable secure boot in your bios if possible. this step by step tutorial may be of help:
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    Need suggestion buying laptop.

    I'll just give you some General things to look for and a few to avoid. I've been a big fan of Lenovo Thinkpads. I'm using my T450 right now It's old but rugged and just works with Linux. You can find them for $300. 00 or so refurbished from New Egg and others. I recommend getting something...
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    A Text Editor for Kubuntu SOLVED

    +1 for Kate works well on my MX-KDE Distro.
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    linux distro

    Hello and welcome to the group. Here are a couple places that may be of help with choosing the right Distro for you. This one gives a brief description of some popular Distros. And some sound advice from our very own Kgill. Good Luck in your search, I'm sure you will find the one eventually...