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    What best distro for gaming?

    i really like gaming on Garuda beside it looks good.
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    Uploading af DXVK cache

    Nice didint know that.
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    What best distro for gaming?

    the good about Garuda its setup for gaming so you have to do little work to make that work.
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    What best distro for gaming?

    i have personally changed OS to Garuda Linux. I'm normally not a fan of arch but Garuda makes it so easy just a little cleanup and making sure everything is updated and that's that.
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    Total Newby. My Experience Switching To Linux

    First, I have to say I didn't read it all. My head started to hurt, so I stopped but about privacy. The problem with privacy is the only way to get 100% privacy is to have a Linux that is 100% secure. Unfortunately, that means a lockdown Linux, which means no Freedom, which means a lot of work...
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    Uploading af DXVK cache

    Why is there no Homepage or something to upload DXVK cache? Would it not benefit others, and wouldn't it make gaming even better on Linux? I'm not all into that cache thing; I have just set it up so I make them so my own game play is better but wouldn't it be beneficial if there was somewhere...
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    Save Firefox

    firefox force on my mobil, Fire dragon on my gaming pc and laptop and firefox on my Windows Streaming PC.
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    Wifi Kali Linux

    not to ask stupid question but why are people answering with sudo apt update sudo apt install firmware-realtek sudo apt-get install $(uname -r) when he said. So that command would not work. Personally, i would just see if my mobile phone pas through the internet via USB would work or see if i...
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    Boot loop on NVME install

    If you have installed one Linux, i would always recommend making sure the SSD is Formatted. There can still be data on it that interfere with the install even if you do a Clean install and SSD Erase on the live disk. What it's asking is do you want to have both OS on the HDD or make a clean...
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    MT7921K wireless adapter issues

    you did try to run Commands like sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade to make sure all Driver are up to date right. also you could use POP_OS! 22.04 or even POP_OS 21.10 since it runs with the new kernel
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    Dell OptiPlex 3060 Hard drive not detected after 20.04 server install

    my advise would be to format HDD in Ex4. i always have problem with HDD if they are in NTFS or FAT, if thats not the problem then try to google it there are many reasons why it may happen also try check this out.
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    Fheroes2: Resurrection

    i used the EXE files for Windows and run it in Wine 7.6 with luris. i have not starte a game yet but so far it works. buy some how it will not let me use Mangohud but i think thats in my end. have same prolem with OpenGL so it somthing i had to look into.
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    Fheroes2: Resurrection

    Remind me of the good old Days i was never really a HMM fan but i did play them all the way up to 6 never did play 7 heard it should be really bad but idk not my kind of game but i can see why people like it.
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    Where can I get an old version of proton?

    just install ProtonUp-Qt it does everything for you.
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    HITMAN 3 Benchmark (Wine Epic) [MEDIA]

    HITMAN 3 Benchmark (Wine Epic)