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    Latte Dock crashes on boot.

    Well that explains why I had the opposite experience!
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    Latte Dock crashes on boot.

    Its worth having a look at Plank if you continue having trouble with Latte. For me, plank is much nicer and integrates better (albeit not perfectly).
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    Microsoft web apps won't let me sign in

    Or maybe for less hassle, just a separate browser for using 365/teams. Let them collect all the third party cookies they want, as there will be zero!
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    Rolled out yesterday

    I think you maybe missed my sarcasm. The things that go abroad clad in Union Jacks do usually cause bother, where it be t-shirts, tattoos, or painted on the tail.[
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    Of all the Windows Feature I Don't Wanna Give Up...

    In response to your first question, what exactly do you mean? I use Windows (for work) and it reopens application windows if you restart/shutdown with them. But if you close word and reopen it, it doesn't start off from where you left.
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    Rolled out yesterday

    The Union Jack is quite a strange choice. It doesn't usually appear on things that go abroad to cause a bit a bother.
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    Looking for a lite version of Linux & USB bootable

    @Vindication787 I normally stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow RAM scroungers, but I have to say 1GB is taking the biscuit! How on earth did it run Windows 10? Anyway, you will find a lot of Linux OS that can run on less than 1GB, but some of them might not be the most user friendly, and...
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    Looking for a lite version of Linux & USB bootable

    The least resource hungry would be something without a DE, but presumably you are looking for something with a GUI. Is it your first time setting up Linux and/or installing an OS? Do you want to boot from USB in a live OS, or install from a USB to your hard disk?
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    Opening a video file with VLC opens two seprate windwos(screenshot included)

    I'm sure this happens if you have audio visualisations set up. Do you?
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    AppImg How do you install them to a desktop environment? (query satisfied)

    I might be wrong, but I don't think you can install appimages. I have a couple which I just run. In Lubuntu, I just went into file properties and clicked "make this file executable". I presume you'd need to do similar on other distros. I think you could easily install the package as well (if...
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    Problem connecting to a specific WIFI connection (SOLVED)

    I have solved the issue. Rather embarrassingly it was due to the fact I was keying the incorrect password. I realised when I tried to log in to his router and I again misread the start of the long number that is his password. It seems I have a thing in my brain that wants "3354" to become "3345"
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    If you like weird browsers, Nyxt 2.0 is out.

    :D It looks worse than my bookmarks toolbar!
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    Couldn't install any version of Linux on my Old Tecra s5 laptop

    I had to replace one of those little batteries about 20 years ago as my PC wouldn't remember the time. I suppose it wouldn't have affected me as I was just booting off HDD, but presumably the BIOS in such cases reverts to default and stores no changes?
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    Couldn't install any version of Linux on my Old Tecra s5 laptop

    As per the manual posted by @stan, and assuming I am reading it correctly, the default bios settings do not use USB at all. USB can be used though. You can override the default settings by holding some down keys on boot. To change the default boot device you need to hold down F12 when...
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    Couldn't install any version of Linux on my Old Tecra s5 laptop

    Did you get the same message when you fail to boot from USB? If so, you are not failing to boot from USB as such. The computer isn't trying to boot from USB, it is trying to boot from a network.