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    How to download a desired clip from a long online YouTube video

    Hello. Recently there was a four minute clip, from a three hour documentary, that I wanted to download (the documentary was online at YouTube). I did not wish to take the time (and bandwidth) to download the entire documentary. So, I researched and discovered there is a way, via both...
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    ffmpeg is one. apt (I use Debian) is another. locate (along with updatedb) is useful. pip (for installing some stuff, like youtube-dl) is good. youtube-dl is good. calcurse is a program that I used to use, and it's great (though I haven't been using it lately). curl is also useful for...
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    Printer Problems

    Did the "workaround" work?
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    Linux Google

    The closest you can get right now is Ubuntu Touch, by UBPorts.
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    Printer Problems

    It's in Debian stable as well. I don't see it in Mint's package listings, but I assume it comes from Ubuntu for Mint. It does seem that the bug reports are quite old. However, here's one that may be of use: In that bug report, it...
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    Printer Problems

    Hmm. So "sudo mtink" didn't work. Well, to try something else, maybe if you explore your CUPS site on your computer, you might find something. Go here: and then select your printer (assuming it will be listed there), and see if there's anything you can find...
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    Printer Problems

    In looking over the posts here, I think Mtink is your best bet. Did Mtink work after added yourself to the group "lp"? I assume not, given your post above. Perhaps running Mtink as sudo would work, rather than as regular user. So, perhaps the following would work: sudo mtink Post script...
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    Program Install thru Wine - Error Msg

    If OpenShot doesn't meet your needs, then I would try the other alternatives that arochester's link suggested. Running Windows programs on Linux through WINE is not an option. WINE is just garbage. So is Windows. But, if you're stuck on it, then get rid of Linux, and go back to Windows full...
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    Printer Problems

    Perhaps running escputil in the command line would work. Try turning the printer on, and then run the following command in a terminal: escputil -a -m escp2-nx420
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    Printer Problems

    Hello Sue. Linux Mint has a package called escputil. It is described as follows: "Escputil is a utility to clean and align the heads of Epson Stylus printers. It can also check the current ink levels in the printer." Perhaps installng it on your Linux Mint box would help solve the problem you have.
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    Printer Problems

    Hello Sue. Perhaps installing the following Linux Mint package, escputil, on your Linux Mint machine would help: The package is described as follows: "Escputil is a utility to clean and align the heads of Epson Stylus printers. It can...