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    modifying Linux kernel code

    Hello sir, thank you for your reply. I wasn't asking anyone lto do my "assignments or homeworks " for me. That i believe i can do by myself. All i was asking just some helpful insights. I think i am in a wrong place. Sorry for causing you trouble.
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    modifying Linux kernel code

    Thank you sir for your reply. I am doing this to improvise the code, if possible... I am a student doing my MCA. So i am doing this as part of our project. Please guide me through.
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    modifying Linux kernel code

    I am working on a project to modify few lines of code in glibc. How can i examine if my modified code is working or not? Is compiling the kernel is necessary? Even if I need to compile, how to do it. I am newbie in linux kernel. Please help
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    Where can i find latest source code of kmalloc() ?

    i am newbie to kernel. i am having a project of kmalloc(). Please refere me to the source code.