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    Love ya thoughts for April 2020
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    Do you use ethernet cable or wireless to connect to your internet?

    I use wired as my main PC is not fitted with a wireless card and that don't bother me none as I prefer wire to wireless. My router is also a wireless router so I can use wireless for my laptop, though it is not hard to establish a wire connection as I only use my laptop on the desk anyway. I...
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    Guidance for new Linux users

    I agree with what you wrote and will add what a pedagogue at the turn of the 18th -19th century said in regards to knowledge Thinking leads man to knowledge. He may see and hear, and read and learn, whatever he pleases, and as much as he pleases; he will never know anything of it, except that...
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    Anyone like classical music?

    I am quite partial to classical guitar myself. There are quite a few pieces written for guitar by classical composers.
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    Biometric Facial Recognition -Windows Hello-Microsoft. Working on linux-How to

    Welcome lostmoai. Just one question what is wrong with just typing in a string of alpha/numeric characters to access your computer? For me personally it is just loading up my computer with a program that only gets used once or twice a day depending on what I am doing on the computer and off...
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    Guidance for new Linux users

    I be just a curious Water Dragon :Dand if you hold your cursor on say Knoppix and right click and open in new tab it takes you to the Knoppix home page. The same with the others. A good way to learn about other distros to satisfy your distro hopping urges.;)
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    To install

    Hope it solves your dilemma with successful conclusion.
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    Guidance for new Linux users

    Personally I did research more so when they said Win7 was come to the end of life. My computer box was set-up basically for Win 7 five odd years ago now. I talked to a Youtuber who is an ardent user of the Linux OS and asked him was my computer able to run Linux and I gave him the specs of it...
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    To install

    Welcome Gariel Have you tried reinstalling the OS?
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    Anyone like classical music?

    Here is another Erhu piece by Hongmei. This is a slightly fast paced piece in contrast to the Ballad of Northern Henan Province titled "Horse Racing"
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    Anyone like classical music?

    Here is another Chinese Tradtional instrument the Erhu, a bowed two stringed instrument Yu Hongmei Yu Hongmei is China's leading virtuoso contemporary erhu soloist. She is an educator: professor, graduate supervisor and director of the Chinese Music Department...
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    Substitute For VM

    Thanks for your thoughts. :) I would like to do that but due to the very limited space in this apartment that is not a feasible proposition. I do have an old plastic brain of the '80's vintage up in the village but when I am up there I am to busy doing things in the garden and around the place...
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    Relax, and take your time.

    As the song from Monty Pythons film "The life of Brian" goes here's the opening verse of " Look one the bright side of Life" Some things in life are bad They can really make you mad Other things just make you swear and curse When you're chewing on life's gristle Don't grumble, give a whistle...
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    From Drawing (ODG) format to Picture (JPG) Format

    Thanks Captain. Just gave it a burl but found out it for some reason doesn't like the home folder to save in but it went OK on the external drive.
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    Which motherboard to use for rebuild

    G'day Louiss97 and welcome. I personally use an ASRock motherboard FM2A88X Pro3+ with a AMD socket into which is plugged a AMD Athlon CPU which I selected originally for use with Win7 but converted to Linux Mint 19.2. I have had no problems with the motherboard, video card or sound card just...