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    Rock Roxx

    Sounds like Dixieland
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    Linus Torvalds was approached by NSA for backdoor in Linux - Nils Torvalds (father of Linus)

    That seems a common response from those that have switched to Linux.
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    newest kid on the block

    @hacodo75 I have an older version HP laptop and soon as you hit the power on button hit the esc-ape key and it brings up the option menu to select what you want to do.
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    newest kid on the block

    G'day Harald ext4 is a Linux file format. When you stick your USB stick into your machine it should show up in your computer file system using windows right click on it, a menu box will appear and look down it and there just a single word Format. I just checked on my windows M/C and the only...
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    newest kid on the block

    That it be back then it wasn't to bad to work for, but now I wouldn't give you quids to work for them. Nor would me bro and his comment about it would be unprintable in polite society.
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    newest kid on the block

    Yeah Boolean can seem a bit weird and strange. When you and the Wizardfromoz were doing that I was earning a living as a Linesman working for the PMG.
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    Just a query regarding PDF veiwers

    This is what I was referring to
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    For those who can't let go.

    That be quite true. Yep! Found many of them in my childhood.
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    For those who can't let go.

    Nah! I think I will stick with the cinnamon desktop layout as I find it more practical than the windows layout. It is more like the draws of a filing cabinet with them being marked with what type of file you will find in there. The cursor placed on the draw contents type opens the draw and shows...
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    Just a query regarding PDF veiwers

    But I can do that on the morrow.
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    reinstalled windows 10 lost grub

    And with a good chance of it working to! @writeman G'day and welcome. I like MX -Linux as well but my main OS is Mint. and that will be my secondary OS. We all were once like you, new to this OS even the @wizardfromoz so relax and have a good read of what the @captain-sensible wrote and even...
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    Just a query regarding PDF veiwers

    What is a good alternative to Document viewer? The reason I ask is that when it renders a page and you try and copy a line or two it highlights about half a dozen words then highlights other text then more of what you want to copy. And when you do paste into Libre Writer it is all over the...
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    Installing Open Office

    Just an side since this is deal with Open Office. Libre Office is a derivative of Open Office, so now I know why I felt at home with it. Since I have used Open Office for neigh on ten years I notice that Open Office comes standard with more fonts than Libre office. It may not be all flashy and...
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    Out of the frying pan into the Fire with LAN cards.(SOLVED)

    Thanks :) I believe that I mentioned about logging on start up. It does but I disconnect straight away. But no big deal there.