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    rewrite url parameters with htaccess?

    Hello, been trying to find a htaccess forum on the internet but havent found any so i hope that maybe you guys could help me. at the moment my url look like this: sometimes only one of the parameters are set ie: I want to rewrite the...
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    How do i configure my ssl cert?

    Hello I am trying to install a ssl cert for my XAMPP server on ubuntu server. I am using letsencrypt and I have downloaded it and now I have it in /etc/letsencrypt/live. I think that the next step is to go into virtual hosts and configure the ssl cert with these: SSLEngine on...
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    list of the basics?

    I use ubuntu on my server and debian at local machine @poorguy thank you
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    list of the basics?

    Hello guys. I cant say that I have alot of experience with linux, if any, even tho i have used linux for a while now for coding. I am of course very interested in learning linux so I wonder if you guys could list the absolutely basic things one should be able to do on linux? My brain is...
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    ubuntu+xampp 'show tables' is empty?

    Hello. i am trying to output all the tables of a database but when doing so, the terminal are just saying '->' with no tables being shown. I have tried show tables on the 'test' databases that follows the installation but they also output nothing. I know for a fact that the db I created has...
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    bootable USB fails?

    yes it had all the boot, efi, sources etc
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    go into the GUI from terminal on VPS?

    Hello. As I have said before, i am VERY new with linux. I just hired a VPS from hetzner and i picked the Ubuntu 18.04. I dont really know if its ubuntu or if its ubuntu server because on another place it says ubuntu-18.04.1-server-amd64.iso. It just makes me confused. When opening the VPS, i...
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    bootable USB fails?

    I did exactly sudo dd if=./Win.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M && sync
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    bootable USB fails?

    Yes I use Debian for dd I just want to be able to create bootable USBs from here. I have actually tried with both win and linux iso but none work
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    bootable USB fails?

    i had the secure boot disabled in BIOS. qemu couldnt either find the USB on startup. The ISO did however obv work here so it has to be something going wrong when i am making it bootable?
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    bootable USB fails?

    Hello I am trying to make an USB flash bootable and I wonder which software can help me with this? I am very new to linux but I have tried to use the 'disks'-> restore disk image and I also tried dd sudo dd if=inputfile.iso of=/dev/disk bs=4m so long so good. Thing is when I am restarting the...