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    I think LInux architecture is the most important, the other with respect to ok, as long as you have the official offer API is very simple
    please help.
    my laptop can boot bt after the encryption 'password it writes busy box v1...initramfs...
    i dont understand this.please reply coz i cant use my laptop at the moment.
    Hi can you help me install efront on my linux server?
    hello my name is babu from india. i have one doubt on files, i.e, what is difference between FILE pointer and file Descriptor?
    and what is basic IO and stream IO. pls help to me.
    I've spent almost my entire career working with Windows (Win 3.1) until now. Does anyone know where I can start on the beginner level? I've done a Linux install or 2 but have had to work with Unix and Linux only rarely & know little of their workings and commands. I was thinking of getting a Linux+ cert., but I also want to be somewhat accomplished so that I can switch roles from a Windows admin to a Linux admin.
    Hi Rob, could you open a 'Conversation' with me? i have a document that i have been working on that i would like to send onto you.
    Being a new member of this forum, i don't have sufficent rights yet to open conversations. i assuming that i will be able to reply to a 'Conversation' started by established members.
    I very quickly browsed through your beginner tutorials. Clearly, you have spent a lot of time on these and I wanted to give thanks in advance. I'll be looking at a lot of them more closely.
    hi Rob sir
    i want to learn linux
    i am begineer for linux so plz guide me easily
    Just cked the Linux beginners tap and still getting message box they are still down. Just FYI
    Rob I still cant change my Sig.

    I need to update it with my current distro info, or erase it all together, can you give me permissions to do this?
    Rob, can you do me a favor and change my profile name to is what I usually use for online forums...
    I have a computer, RAM 756 MB with processor 500 ghz, hdd 140 GB. Is it support a linux? How to do? Please tell me
    Good job with the beginner tutorials and thanks. Those are really helpful.
    But its a bit confusing to navigate around that section. May I suggest making a sticky Table of Contents thread ?
    Hi all,
    I'm new to Linux. Can anyone address me please to a basic and fast tutorial for coding device drivers?
    Hi my name is Dave. I am new to Linux. I just installed Linux mint 15 Cin and It is my only operating system. I would like to install Ubuntu but I am having trouble. I already downloaded the software I just want to install it using only Linux OS. Can you please help me?
    sir this is santosh i am new to Linux world , I am interested to learn about Linux can u say me from where can i start to learn completly.
    I am using Linux . I have problem in my OS that the it show me that you connection is offline what i can do for that problem.
    Hi Rob I'm a new member from India,I would like to get new version of Linux,can you help me?
    Abin - go to our resources section and pick a distribution that you like. You can then go to their homepage and download the files for it.
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