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    It seems kinda funny to do an introductory post...

    Welcome to the Forum, I'm glad the old days of computing are long gone. You mention SSDs, three years ago I put Linux Mint Cinnamon on a 500GB SSD...I couldn't believe how fast it runs...would never go back to those slow HDDs
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    External SSD don't work on Linux, but work with Windows. Please help me!

    The reason your 16TB SSD wont work is because it's a fake :eek:...your best option is to chuck it in the bin and buy a genuine well know brand. Here in Australia If I go to my local computer shop or a store like office works, the largest portable SSD is 4TB and costs about $1200. I have a...
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    Today's article compares macOS and Linux...

    I've never used a mac or will I ever want to...never wanted to use anything made by crapple.
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    Ubuntu VM won't work, but Debian & Windows do

    This video will show you how to create a Shared Folder in Virtualbox... I'm not sure what you mean with copy and paste...I think you mean Drag n Drop...this enables you to drag a file, folder, video etc from your Linux Desktop to your VM. :) Go to General...Advanced... and set Shared...
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    Ubuntu VM won't work, but Debian & Windows do

    There are some good videos on youtube about Virtualbox...might be worth a look. If the Host is Linux you need to add yourself to the vboxuser group...otherwise your Flash Drives wont work in the VM. That also applies to a windwoes VM too. The easiest way to do this (I'm using Linux...
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    Is this the best backup plan?

    I create an image of the Drive with Foxclone... and store it on an External HDD. :) Everything on the Drive ...OS...all etc is saved as an image to an External HDD and you don't have to format anything with both Linux and windwoes...
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    Welcome Mike to the Forum.
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    External SSD don't work on Linux, but work with Windows. Please help me!

    Well that's very strange because I have a 1TB portable SSD and it mounts and I can format it just fine. NTFS and fat32 work just Linux Mint you can use either the Disk Utility or the USB Stick Formatter. ;) All Drives ...Internal HDD, SSD, portable Drives and Flash Drives and...
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    Microsoft Warns Rise in XorDdos Malware Targeting Linux Devices

    Since switching to Linux...I couldn't give a stuff what microsuck says.
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    Issue with latest update

    With Linux Mint Cinnamon...Synaptic Package Manager...Menu...Edit...Fix Broken Packages. Just click Fix Broken Packages and you're's that easy. :D
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    kernel panic

    Can't say I've ever had this problem, sounds like a problem windwoes users know only too well. ;)
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    Today's article is something a bit different...

    I was happy with windwoes 7 until that ugly...horrible...just plain stupid and broken windwoes 8 came out. If this is what microsuck is going to shove down my throat...they can stick it. You don't need a uni degree to search..."alternatives to windwoes". I knew how to install an OS from the...
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    Windwoes anyone...

    If you like windwoes have a look here and see what you're missing. ;)
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    32 vs 64 bit on low spec device

    I have a 10 year old's 64bit and has 4GB of Ram and an i5's running Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.1 and works just fine. Installing a 32bit Distro on a 64bit computer makes no sense.
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    Today's article is an easy one, with one way to check hard drive temperatures.

    Yes it's the Gnome Disk Utility and is very handy. It's also in Linux Lite too,but it's not in other Distros which is sad...MX Linux is one but I did install it and made a big difference...of cause this was a few years ago.