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    Covid Corner

    I will never understand these Anti-Vaxxers. These fools just don't want to live and how quickly people forget what life was like without vaccines.
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    Covid Corner

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    Covid Corner

    How to prevent heaps of garlic and carry a Co2 meter I thing I'll stick with vaccination and a mask. Something else strange...NSW Health is now forcing people who are fully vaccinated to get covid tested every 72 hours or you wont be allowed in to their clinics.
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    Covid Corner

    Here with all the rules we have in place, people still do the wrong thing. Some people just don't give a stuff and because of them everyone else suffers. People who are fully vaccinated will still be in lockdown and have to obey all the rules. o_O I got my covid jabs, not because the...
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    Covid Corner

    I didn't get my covid shots from that chemist, I got mine from my doctor. :) Here in NSW Australia the police state, we've been in total lockdown for months and are not allowed any freedom. I'm not allowed to go 5km from my home...we have a curfew from 9pm to 5am...I must have on a mask and...
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    Covid Corner

    I'll try that. :) I wasn't going to get vaccinated because I was worried about getting blood clots and dying, but it seems to be a load of crap spread by the media as blood clots are more than likely caused by covid. :mad: There's a chemist chain...I wont mention who (you know who you are)...
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    Covid Corner

    Had my second Astra Zeneca vaccine yesterday. First vaccine I had no side affects but with the second one I got a few side affects about 8 hrs later...headache, joint pain and fever...felt like I was getting the Flu. :eek: Today with a few Paracetamol I feel much better, a small price to...
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    Linux OS which supports dial-up

    Is it here ?
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    Linux OS which supports dial-up

    If you live in Australia I've got some very bad news for you...Dial-up no longer exists and hasn't for years. Who in their right mind would want Dial-up, especially these days if it was still available...56kbps compaired to 100mbps. I can download Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.2 which is 2.2GB in...
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    Troubleshooting random system shutdowns

    Random shutdowns are usually hardware...HDD...Power Supply...Loose Cables...Bad Ram or Loose Ram sticks (happened to me.)...Loose Monitor Cable and a million other things. I once bumped the Sata cable connected to the DVD burner, while cleaning inside my Tower. The cable was half out but it...
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    10 Tools to Take or Capture Desktop Screenshots in Linux

    It's Flameshot for me.
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    Automation like window on Linux

    I don't think you'll have to worry about that with Linux, because Linux doesn't break.
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    Network Error after Peppermint 10 OS package updates

    I've only ever installed Peppermint in a VM and not a fan, is your computer a Laptop or Desktop and what are the specs ? :)
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    Interesting Video to Watch For Anyone Wanting to Avoid Google's Invasiveness

    I don't need either to find sites blocked by google...I just use DuckDuckGo and they don't track me too.
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    How To Install and Use Virtualbox.

    Yes Peppermint 10, latest version of cause I didn't create an account but when I dragged a document from my Mint Cinnamon Desktop, I got an error saying..."unknown file type" WTF !!!! I had to Install Libre Office to get my document to open...Peppermint doesn't have an Office suite installed...