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    Problem Connecting to internet

    Check the network icon (or wireless connection settings) to see if you have Internet access. ... Check the network cables if your computer is wired to the router. Reset your router. Check your firewall or security software
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    I still cannot find why my wireless is not working?

    Make sure your computer/device is still in the range of your router/modem. Move it closer if it is currently too far away. Go to Advanced > Wireless > Wireless Settings, and check the wireless settings. Double check your Wireless Network Name and SSID is not hided.
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    A way to access files from Ubuntu server

    If you have connected to the server before, you can click on it in the Recent Servers list. Click Connect. The files on the server will be shown. You can browse the files just as you would for those on your own computer.
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    HDMI sound not working on any linux distro

    In the sound settings, in Output tab the built-in-audio was set to Analog Stereo Duplex. Change the mode to HDMI output Stereo. Note that you must be connected to an external monitor through a HDMI cable to see HDMI output option. ... Click on it and enjoy the sound of music
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    How to Install FFmpeg on Debian 10

    Start by updating the packages list as root or user with sudo privileges: sudo apt update. Enter the following command to install the FFmpeg package: sudo apt install ffmpeg. Verify the FFmpeg installation by printing its version: ffmpeg -version.
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    Problems playing audio on Bluetooth Speakers

    Make sure the speaker is not muted and the volume is up. Make sure your Bluetooth® device is playing audio, and the volume is up. Turn off or disable Bluetooth on all other paired devices nearby (including Bose® preferred devices) and reconnect the device you want to hear. Turn the speaker off...
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    Audio Problem

    Ensure that the computer isn't muted via hardware. Press any external mute buttons, confirm that the speakers are turned on, and turn the volume all the way up. Test by playing a song or using the Sound control panel (click the Sounds tab, select Asterisk, and click Test). If that doesn't work...
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    How Do I Print A String In C.....?

    int main() { char z[100]; printf("Enter a string\n"); gets(z); printf("The string: %s\n", z); return 0; }
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    How do I reverse a String in C.....? :<

    int main() { char s[100]; printf("Enter a string to reverse\n"); gets(s); strrev(s); printf("Reverse of the string: %s\n", s); return 0; }
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    How Do I Compile VLC? I Keep Having Trouble With Qt.

    Prepare your compile environment, Grab the source of VLC media player, Bootstrap, using the ./bootstrap script, if you took the code from repository, Prepare the extras libraries needed for VLC media player, read the list, Configure, Build, using make, and Profit!
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    De-frag hard drive?

    When your hard disk reads the file, its heads must skip around between different physical locations on the hard drive to read each chunk of sectors — this slows things down. Defragmenting is an intensive process that moves the bits of files around to reduce fragmentation, ensuring each file is...
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    Usb doesnt boot

    USB not booting If the USB isn't booting, you need to make sure: That the USB is bootable. That you can either select the USB from the Boot Device list or configure BIOS/UEFI to always boot from a USB drive and then from the hard disk.
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    List Linux KVM VM IP Address ?

    Open the terminal app or login using ssh to host server. Get the network list: virsh net-list. Type the command: virsh net-dhcp-leases networkNameHere.
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    How to use Linux server as a router?

    In order to configure a Linux server as a static router, you need to have sudo privileges on your host. In order to verify it, you can run the “sudo” command with the “-v” option. If you don't have sudo rights, you can have a look at our tutorials on becoming sudo on Debian or CentOS distributions
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    No Bluetooth adapters found RTL8821CE

    Essentially, your probably seems to be caused by the bluetooth module not loading at boot. By making sure that the adapter is not soft blocked (via rfkill) or deactivated in BIOS (as explained earlier by TB0ne), you should be able to correct this