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    Anyone like classical music?

    Very impressed by Zhao Cong's skill (and her clothing). Some Chinese opera sopranos have also impressed me a lot, like Ying Huang as Cio-Cio San in Madame Butterfly. Her performance of Un Bel di Vedremo is one of the best ever.
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    Just a general aside Query regarding browsers.

    I spend a lot of time on the internet and I have a selection of browsers. I use Pale Moon as the default and I honestly cannot explain why. I also use some others depending on what I am up to at the moment. Brave, Chrome, Chromium and Tor, though as Brave has the option to open a Tor-enabled...
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    The choose

    I went from Firefox to Brave but for mail I still use Thunderbird. I've tried a lot of browsers over the years but use Brave for its speed and built-in tracker- and ad-blocker. Also tried a lot of different email clients but to me Thunderbird is the least messy to get up and running.
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    Maybe linux isn't for me.

    I run RS3 on a Manjaro Linux via flatpak. If you need help: https://flatpak.org/setup/Ubuntu/ and to install RS3 via flatpak, there is a link at the bottom of that page. The only disadvantage for me is that I need to repair the RS installation when the kernel is upgraded. Usually I reinstall at...
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    Which Linux do you use?

    Manjaro, right now, but I have used many, Slack, RedHat (and Fedora when RedHat no longer was free), Ubuntu, Mint, Mandriva, but for now I seem to be stuck on Manjaro. Debian stable on my two servers.
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    I forgot that I a short time used a PERQ 2 (or 3) but I think that was later than March 1983. We programmed in a (hopefully now forgotten) version of Pascal and the machine would stop every now and then from over-heating. Also, I remember that we used Apple's first version of object-oriented...
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    Poll: Favorite Text Editor

    I started using Emacs late in 1985 on a DEC-2020 running TOPS-10. Before Emacs we used SOS, an editor I'd rather forget and in between we had AMOS an Emacs-look-alike written in pascal that did not use as much resources as Emacs (because it only had a subset of the Emacs commands). If there was...
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    Apple Lisa, March 1983. I did see a Xerox Star earlier but never used it myself, just watched others use it.
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    lubuntu 16.10 won't recognize wifi, hardwired internet not available

    I have two laptops with broadcom wifi drivers and I used this page to get my wifi running: https://askubuntu.com/questions/55868/installing-broadcom-wireless-drivers The description is lengthy so use a mental filter when reading it. I think it covers most cases. I skip everything down to: 1...
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    What got you into Linux?

    Well, much of this early driver hacking is since long forgotten, maybe there is not much in my brain to pick. Forgot to boast about my helping students during more than 15 years to get up and going with Linux. My sons use, with my aid, dual boot Linux/Windows systems and still, at the age of 72...
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    What got you into Linux?

    At work (The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm) late in 1992 we were considering options for running a server on a very low budget. We skipped UNIX because of the high price-tag, MacOS (System 7 at the time) didn't support multi-tasking and Windows (3.1?) stopped a couple of times each...