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    Speaker problem on zorin

    I installed zorin on my laptop and now the speakers will cut out every couple of seconds idk why this happens. If you know why thank you for helping! (And if this is the wrong area to post this sorry!)
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    Help with WINE

    Ok so i know there is a wine program that let's you use Windows programs on Linux. but I tried to install but it just confused me because there is only 3 codes and no download? I put the codes in the terminal but nothing downloaded. Also sorry I have been gone for a while.
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    ISO Ubuntu

    Maybe you should try a bootable USB.
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    Linux as MS replacement newby

    Some distros will let you have Windows and Linux. I think it's called a partition.
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    Basically i am repeating this post lol

    Basically i am repeating this post lol
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    how do i download apps

    Same thing that @wizardfromoz said about witch linux do you use? Also welcome!
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    Hey. Welcome to the forums.

    Hey. Welcome to the forums.
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    linux on chrombook but slightly different

    One time i put a usb with ubuntu on the stick into a chromebook. It just booted to the login screen for chromebook. So i dont think it would work. But it does on windows :-) Shipthepilot
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    Sorry i havent been around!

    Sorry i havent been around!
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    Help with Linux installation.

    Hi and welcome! I think you should try booting from a usb drive if that does not work try some distros (those are distributions of linux) on a virtual machine. Hope that stuff helped!
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    Steam help?

    Thanks alot!!
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    Steam help?

    Thx!! I will try WINE and the stuff you said but yeah. Thx again!
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    wow thanks a-lot!!

    wow thanks a-lot!!
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    Steam help?

    Ok so this might sound weird but is there any way to run windows steam games on Linux? If so could you give a link? Thx!
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    hi im new!