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    Linux Mint "Super Freezes"

    No problem, mate! We'll have you spitting out terminology in no time!:p
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    Linux Mint "Super Freezes"

    Could you tell us what hardware you are running it on? It may make it easier to troubleshoot the problem. Also, have you made any changes in the hardware/software just before the freezes started?
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    RPI Resolution

    1280 x 1024 on both monitors.:)
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    Dual Monitors on PI 4

    When I attached the second monitor to my PI 4, It was a learning experience. It came up with the same display on both monitors, including the task bar. As I moved the mouse, I saw it move on both, as if the new monitor on the left was a mirror image. This somewhat defeated the purpose I had...
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    What are you using your single-boards for?

    Yeah, mon. It is Gigabit !!
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    What are you using your single-boards for?

    Check out Magpi Magazine, and Hackspace Magazine. Both are available for download, free, in pdf format online. You will see some interesting uses for the little fellow. Happy Trails, Paul
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    What are you using your single-boards for?

    Well, some people may scoff at it due to its size. As for me, I currently have dual monitors connected, both set to 1280 x 1024 (I have a hard time seeing anything smaller due to "old eyes syndrome":eek:). I just did a rather lengthy update on the left monitor, while streaming a HD video on the...
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    distro news release 15 Alpha 1 imminent

    Thanks for that, mate. It is an interesting piece of history. :cool:
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    M.2 hat raspberry PI

    The old gray laptop, she aint what she use to be, many long years ago!:p
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    Parallel Clustering

    I use a 4 port KVMA switch (IOGEAR Model GCS634U) on my desk. It allows me to instantly switch from one computer to another on the fly. It should work well for this application also. Thanks for the article mate!
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    What it do

    Patience abounds here, madam, Welcome aboard!:D
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    From Prototyping to Legitimate Devices

    I also recall reading about an internet service provider, Don't recall the name, which uses only Raspberry pi as web servers ( A whole hockey sock full of them). They charge less than all the other providers. Go Figure!
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    Ice tower dual fans

    Gee wiz, you must have a really long reach!:p
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    Ice tower dual fans

    Sounds like it is time you nudged the throttle up a bit, like perhaps 2GHZ?:p You know, chirp the tires, or perhaps burn some rubber off them!o_O
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    Ice tower dual fans

    Does that cooler contact just the cpu, or does it also cool the GPU and ram? Hey, I slapped my old slacko Puppy cd in and I am running from memory, with no hard disk in the system. Take that Phishers!