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    Covid Corner

    Linus Torvalds may be the inventor of a kickass computer operating system, but it doesn't give him the right to tell anyone else what to do with their bodies, be it what to eat, what to wear or to get vaccinated. People should be operating on common sense and informed opinion. I've been...
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    Screen Saver for Linux

    I'd like a slideshow of pictures of my dogs as a screensaver. Is that possible in linux?
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    Old acer laptop, linux noob, have questions

    I think the hp will have to stay windows. I will do my research before buying anything in future, although we had no idea how bad windows 10 was going to be when we bought it.
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    Video graphics card opinions

    Probably cheaper to buy a new computer!
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    Covid Corner

    Yes I know, 3hr vid, but this is riveting stuff, fascinating on so many levels. Probably the most interesting fact based vid I've watched in years.
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    What's the make/model of your pc? It might be worth looking to see if it's a common problem.
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    Old acer laptop, linux noob, have questions

    Yup, it's all up and running nicely, mostly just use the laptop to watch YouTube and browse the web. We have the new laptop for photos etc.
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    New to Linux

    You tube is your friend, watch some distro reviews, see if anything takes your fancy. Don't just jump in blindly, do your research. I was looking at half a dozen distros and eventually plumped for linux lite because I'm essentially a less is more kind of person and I didn't need a flashy desktop...
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    Old acer laptop, linux noob, have questions

    I initially downloaded Rufus, but decided it was too complicated, so I downloaded balena etcher (as recommended here and on the linux lite website. I downloaded the iso from the main website (rather than using a mirror) via Ethernet cable and burned it on to a brand new 32GB usb. Hope that...
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    Simple video editor required.

    Thanks for all the replies, after looking at an assortment of tuition videos Openshot looks like it might be the best for what we want.
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    Brave Browser

    According to the browser stats, it's blocked 1.5m ads and trackers and saved me 21hrs of time. It does everything that Firefox and a bunch of add ons used to do, but quicker.
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    Simple video editor required.

    I'm trying to get hubby to use the linux lite laptop, but he doesn't seem very keen. He takes lots of mountain bike/motorcycling videos but finds it difficult to edit them in win10, especially now that windows movie maker has gone. I downloaded shotcut for him, but he doesn't like the program...
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    Some affairs are sweet but very short

    Good point, why do most of the images look like they were taken by a potato cam with Vaseline smeared on the lens? They don't make it easy do they?
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    Brave Browser

    I've been using brave on android for years now, it's the best browser out there. I browser hopped initially, tried most of the major browsers, opera, dolphin, several others. Brave is quick and blocks pretty much everything. Used to love Firefox, but brave is so much better.
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    we are checking your browser..

    The site was down for a while 'yesterday, I couldn't connect at all. I don't know how long it was down for, but the browser checking kicked in after it came back up.