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    Rock Roxx

    Let's go all kinky about apes. The Kinks - Apeman - 1970
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    Software Question for Sony ZV-1 Camera

    Sweet, and I see you modified the Title, cool. :) I just Googled Sony ZV-1 Camera linux but it did not enlighten me a great deal. :confused: Hope you succeed, or else someone comes along who has knowledge. Wiz
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    Flatpak Is Not the Future

    Sometimes you don't even need that. Two examples I use are for Waterfox Browser and for Balena Etcher. Neither needs to be chmodded or changed in your FM, they both just run. Interesting thread. Cheers Wiz
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Hey Prof, just a heads up. Elementary OS, Endless OS and EndeavourOS all refer to themselves as EOS. But I can see yours is Endeavour. Der Doktor @joekamprad says of them Cheers Wiz
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    Software Question for Sony ZV-1 Camera

    G'day @AMFA and welcome to :) I likely won't have your answer, but I have a question. Is that an SV-1 or a ZV-1? I can only find ZV-1. Chris Turner wizardfromoz
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    Linux freezes

    G'day @privatefrontier and welcome to :) I would be inclined to disable secure boot and try with that, first. If that does not work, there was an Ubuntu user here, who fould success with deleting the package xserver-xorg-video-intel but the fact that you have the issue with two...
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    Testers for inxi/pinxi redone -C CPU logic... huge internal changes

    In good hands (well, my hands, anyway), get well from Revenge of the Turkey soon, David.
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    Rock Roxx

    Joe Cocker N'oubliez jamais 2004
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    Testers for inxi/pinxi redone -C CPU logic... huge internal changes

    @h2-1 just fyi in first code comment pinxi not pinx Cheers Wiz
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    Rock Roxx

    Ta, Brian, did not know it was a cover, although I know of The Troggs. I'll have a listen and then I'm off for my night. Chris
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    My laptop's screen is blank but my external monitor works just fine

    G'day young @theoctoguy and welcome to :) Subject to what we find with the output from my friend's question above, we may take a look at output from a command called xrandr which is useful where more than one screen/monitor is involved. Cheers Chris Turner wizardfromoz
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    Rock Roxx

    Yesterday, it was (still) raining here, and I looked out the window and said "Wet, Wet, Wet", to which she replied "They weren't a bad group". So here is the theme song to the film "Four Weddings and a Funeral" Wet Wet Wet - Love Is All Around Wiz
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    low disk space on filesystem root in linux

    OK I take it you are on Ubuntu, which version? Are you using Timeshift, and if so, how is it set up? Welcome Chris Turner wizardfromoz
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    Do I need an antivirus for linux

    We get this question periodically, so rather than get our Members to repeat themselves, I would suggest a few steps, involving you reading: 1. Top right-hand side, click Search and enter antivirus One of the more recent ones is here...
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    Finally ripe for Linux

    We have landed and are taxi-ing for the Terminal, which you may find to your liking. Be prepared to ditch your heavy windows baggage and adapt to lightweight but robust, free, flexible luggage which is very customisable. Thank you for flying Air Wizard and we look forward to hearing of your...