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  1. dcbrown73

    Restarting my Linux Desktop Journey

    Alright. I know I intended to install Linux on the desktop after I built a new PC. I haven't built the PC yet, but I've decided to just try out a few desktops in Virtual Box for now. Long term, I may just leave my Linux in Virtual Box too. It depends on how things go, but at least I get to...
  2. dcbrown73

    Follow the raindrop.

    The link below takes you to an interactive map website. You choose a place to click on the map to make a raindrop fall. Once it hits the ground, it will show you the path it follows downstream. Yes, some evaporate, but this is for ones that do not. Enjoy.
  3. dcbrown73

    Humble Bundle for Linux Books

    I just happened across this, but the Humble Bundle is offering a bunch of Linux books if you're interested.
  4. dcbrown73

    I've been relegated to this forum due to my lack of a Linux Desktop

    I've been relegated to this forum because I don't actually run Linux on the desktop. (yeah, I'm THAT guy) Anyhow, for my entire life I've stuck with just cheap Logitech keyboards. (K100, K120, etc) Normal keyboards. Not the *other styles* Anyhow, being in tech and knowing lots of other...
  5. dcbrown73

    Possible RCE in Fail2Ban Stack

    I know a lot of you guys use Fail2Ban here. I just wanted to make you guys aware of an RCE (Remote Code Execution) bug that came out not long ago if you weren't already aware. You can see more here at the fail2ban Github repo. Patch up!
  6. dcbrown73

    Adventures in tmux!

    Good day adventurers! As a career Linux engineer who usually works on servers that exist in datacenters. A GUI environment is usually not an option and mastery of the Linux shell is of the utmost importance. Also important is the ability to multi-task on a single server. Whether it be...
  7. dcbrown73

    Making easy commands hard because..

    Making easy commands hard because we can learn something about Linux in the process! Question: How do we see how many days the Linux server has been up? Easy Answer: [email protected]:~ $ uptime 20:57:11 up 25 days, 23:07, 2 users, load average: 0.00, 0.02, 0.00 Hard Answer: [email protected]:~ $ cat...