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    When I start an OS in VMware, VMware shuts down immediately

    I have vmware installed on PopOS and am trying to get some VMs up and running on it. When I get the VM configured and I start it it always opens for a split second then shuts down as if it never started. I am not sure if this is a VMware issue or PopOS. What could be the problem?
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    Trying to create Ubuntu Server install on USB, GRUB is opened, OS will not run.

    I am trying to create an Ubuntu Server install on my PC but every time I run the USB after entering the BIOS it does not start the chosen OS like it used to, now GRUB pops up instead. I tried wiping the USB multiple times then flashing the OS to it and running it again and the same issue happens...
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    How would I undo or reverse an echo command?

    Hey guys, I was trying to fix a sound issue I am having in pop os and I tried an echo command that did not work and would like to undo it. How would one go about doing this? Thanks
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    Problem of no audio except on bluetooth, Dummy Audio

    I installed pop os on my new laptop and everything runs pretty smooth except that the audio does not work unless connected to bluetooth. It works fine on Windows but now on linux and I have tried a lot of different "fixes" but have so far found nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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    Using Ubuntu live server, can't install Ubuntu MATE

    Hello, I have a Raspberry Pi 4 8gb that I am trying to install Ubuntu Mate on. When I download the the live Ubuntu server installer and boot the Pi it starts like it should however every video and written tutorial stops when I get a wall of errors or it won't even pull up the desktopify github...
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    I tried uninstalling Linux Ubuntu from Windows 10 and now GRUB pops up but wont let me boot.

    I uninstalled Linux Ubuntu because I started having some sound and graphical problems and figured it would be easier to just reinstall it. I used Windows 10 because I am not that familiar with Linux yet and thought it would be easier to do on Windows but now every time I try to boot back into...
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    How to get logitech keyboard rgb to work?

    I just got a new logitech keyboard but the rgb does not work and I cant find any software to control it. I have piper installed for my mouse but unfortunately there is not a software like that for keyboards from what I have seen so far. Some buttons like mute and pause buttons do not work on...
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    Screen is laggy and stutters even after changing settings

    I tried changing my settings in Linux because it was not running at the right framerate and I am getting screen tearing but nothing has worked so far. I ran the XRANDR command and changed the settings to a higher HZ but the monitor is still extremely laggy and stutters. What could I be doing wrong?
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    I cant seem to install AMD radeon software

    I just started using linux and am having trouble figuring out how to install AMD Radeon software even after following all the instructions on AMD. Every time i go into the terminal to type the command amdgpu-install it says it cant find it. What could i be doing wrong and is there an easier way...