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    Encrypted install for FEREN only available on HDD and not SSD

    Hi all, I have 2 PC's a Win10Prox64 one and a LinuxFeren x64 one, now on the Linux's 500GB HDD it offered up full drive encryption which I made use of, meaning should my drives be pulled they wouldn't get my files etc it will all be gobbledegook, so I decided to replace the 500GB Seagate HDD...
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    NOOB - stuck with keyring incorrect pass on vpn / reboot issue

    Hi Linux newbie: issue1: Ive installed OpenVPN and had it working on ProtonVPN. however, upon setting it up it asked for something called a KEYRING PASSWORD (dunno what that is?) so I set upon reboot i noticed my VPN does not connect automatically and I have to manually connect...
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    Help with Anti-Virus - noob

    Hello I have decided to make the jump to Linux, I followed instructions off various websites to install Sophos, turns out the one ive installed must be for servers as it has no GUI... can anybody please tell me:- A) How to uninstall it? B) How do I install ANY decent anti-virus that has a GUI...
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    Cant install Mint or Ubuntu as dual-boot with windows

    Hi, Im new to linux (other than trying a few live CDs) and me and my dad where wanting to install Linux alongside windows, I followed instructions on a fw webpages for both flavours but got stuck at the same exavt point, when the instructions tell me to select the "free space" that was made...