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    It's time for a poll. How long have you used Linux?

    Probably add levels of usage to the poll. User - GUI interface, browse, chat, email, office, pr0n Admin - Rarely sees the GUI except to bring up another terminal window to log into remote system. Scripter - does basic scripting for the admins and is probably an admin themself. Programmer -...
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    About This Linux

    That is great! not sure why I never found that utility. Thanks!
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    About This Linux

    Always wondered why someone hasn't written a mini-app or something to gather this sort of information. I don't know much about scripting myself. Just really basic stuff. Good suggestions above. Thanks.
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    Linux mint installation problem

    So what is it doing? Does it boot from the USB or whatever media you're trying to use? Does it just give you blank screen at boot? Does it get anywhere during the install process? I've had a few installs where the GUI would not start up. Installed using the CLI and then loaded up the GUI...
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    About This Linux

    A co-worker wrote the below script a long time ago and there are many things it can do, but obviously stumbles when it comes to detecting the hard drives because /dev/sd[a-z] is not as common as it once was. I'm curious if anyone wanted to improve upon this switch to work in more situations...