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    how to expand space (centos7)?

    You need extend the lvs first in volume group before you expand the /dev/mapper 1. Check the lvs by using command lvs or lsblk 2. Check the vgs (volume group space status) whether the volume group have enough space or not (if not then you need to increate disk) 3. Only lvsextend the lvs size
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    CentOS /var full

    Hi, you need to find the folder where it located in /var/ , then may try to use rm "directory-name" or rm -r "directory folder" to delete the directory folder or files as well. Or you can try this method: How To Clean Log Files in Linux
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    apt-get install

    You can try wget instead of apt get as aptitude is mainly for ubuntu. In order to perform the task of package management effectively, you need to be aware that you will have two types of available utilities: low-level tools (which handle in the backend the actual installation, upgrade, and...