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    How do I upgrade?

    Hello, everytime I turn on my netbook this message appears. I am new to Linux so I am not sure what to do. I went to, but I couldn't find how to reinstall. Can someone help me?
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    Sylpheed help

    Hello I have just found out that my email provider has cancelled all my incoming mails from 2014:eek::eek:. Luckily I have them all on Sylpheed. How can i download the emails on my laptop (where I have linux) so I can transfer them on my desktop (that has win10) and use something similar to...
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    Why do I have Wifi signal problems and battery drainage?

    Hello 2 days ago I installed Lubuntu 18.04. I had windows 7 starter. I have a samsung netbook np n310 bought in 2009. With windows I had a 5 bar wifi signal and from my armchair I always had all five bars and somtimes 4. With Lubuntu I have a 4 bar wifi signal and in the same armchair I now...
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    is there a lubuntu live 18.04 for 32bit?

    Hello, I would like to install Linux because my netbook is very old and windows 7 is very very very slow. I am testing lubuntu 16.04 live because I couldn't find other 32bit version but it is not updated. I wasn't able to go on a few websites because firefox is too old (version 65). I must be...
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    try scanner with lubuntu live

    Hello, I have a very old netbook bought in 2009. Windows 7 has got very very slow and it is impossible to do anything. I have a desktop pc with windows 10 but it hasn't got the drivers of my scanner so I have to connect it to my netbook and that's why I can't get rid of it or I will have to buy...