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  1. Angry Dog

    Was unable to complete Linux installation

    hi everyone, so basically was installing Linux on a new computer with a 1650 OC addition. i was unable to change the resolution and this made it impossible to find anything as everything was so big that near 100% of the functions was inaccessible. Simply put if Linux does not allow the user...
  2. Angry Dog

    Indvidual digitial Safety.

    Good day everyone, I hope you are all doing well, This post will be much like my old posts about CPU's being hacked but this time it is not just the CPUs. To date i still maintain that the user is the weakest link in digital safety. However i do no longer believe this to be true. I must...
  3. Angry Dog

    Confused & new to the development world.

    Good day everyone, I hope all of you are doing well and is safe. :) Today I wish to write/post about Software development tools and ask why there isn't just a single standard. To be clear software development is still new to me as i come from a very "old school" network background that...
  4. Angry Dog

    CPU level security threat. How can we protect ourselves?

    Good day everyone, i have to say i rewrote this thread a few times. each time i realized a flaw in my thinking and now realized i am heading back towards CD-Rom drives? Seriously. Here is the truth, If YouTube is accurate and both amd and intel CPUs have a critical security flaw then...
  5. Angry Dog

    ISO config help

    Hi everyone, I consider myself new to Linux but have used it actively as my main OS for a while. Only reason i went back to win10 is my work software that will only work with windows. However I am training myself to become a programmer and have a few friends. But as you all know we cannot...