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    Why is my selection not working?

    Another option is the set x #!/bin/bash set x ... the rest of my script goes here.
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    Low disk space on “Filesystem root”

    I have seen this a few times... when I delete a file that a process is using. (Usually a log file). Even though the file doesn't really exist on the drive, the OS thinks it does because the process is holding the file handle open. Have you restarted this computer and tried again? Also it seems...
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    Setting up a dual drive for the first time. Help!

    The boot/efi can be any size you want between 32MB and 200MB. If you make it 512MB 300 MB of it will not be seen by the UEFI. In fact, after using /boot/efi for the last 5 years. I've never seen it even use 32MB. The 2GB swap file should NOT be ext4. Swap has it's own filesystem type...
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    Old vs new Linux

    Just curious ... how many still use the "old" linux commands to do certain things. chkconfig vs systemctl ifup, ifdown vs nmcli conn up, nmcli conn down iptables vs firewall-cmd or ufw docker vs podman ifconfig vs ip addr there are more... but these are the most commonly used ones I think.
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    is creating a user partition good protocol

    LOL... this is almost a religious war question. You will get a lot of different opinions on this. But most common distros these days tend to put /usr under / I would say unless you are compiling a lot "custom in-house" binaries, it probably isn't needed.
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    Gparted questions

    Hard to know for sure... My best guess... since you booted from the gParted- USB stick. It seems that /home/user would be on the USB stick. A couple of questions come to mind... is there space on the USB drive for the picture? Also... was the USB made in "dd mode" or "iso mode". dd mode...
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    Samba Subdirectory Permissions issue on Mounted Volume

    Well... you can mount a drive partition. (USB or other) I sometimes mount /dev/sdc1 or sdc2. Samba uses different ACLs. "Root" really has no meaning in Samba. Active directory roles and permissions are what determines access. You can access the directories under Linux based on chown and chmod...
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    Unable to Install Centos 7.7.1908 with RAID1 on 400GB SSDs: "sdb may not have enough space for grub 2 to embed core.img when using the xfs"

    You have to either have a /biosboot partition (about 2 MiB) for legacy BIOS... or you have to have /efiboot partition (about 200 MiB) for UEFI. One of these two partitions is required! Everything else is fine. I would recommend making boot at least 2 GiB. There is also an "auto create" that...
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    collaboration and communication sw opensource

    Sorry... I thought you meant slack linux. I have not setup a messaging server since the IRC days, but I hear and XMPP are good.
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    collaboration and communication sw opensource

    This is not a one size for all question. Do you need an entire OS on every VM? Or are you trying to isolate software processes? docker is being replaced by podman on many newer distros. The main difference is there is no kernel in a podman VM. What are you using gitlab for? Source control of...
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    pdf to jpg

    I don't know if this is the easiest or most efficient way, but it's the way I most commonly do it.
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    Convert String to an Array in JSON file using Shell scripting
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    what's the difference ~ # and / #?

    What the prompt looks like doesn't really matter that much. Although I do set different prompts for different users, so I know who I am logged in as. You probably don't realize it, but what really changes your prompt here is the dash "-". su (without a dash) will change you to another user...
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    adding more space and moving partition

    The first question is... are you using LVM?
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    can dmidecode be used to set bios tokens in a server?

    dmidecode only displays settings. It doesn't change anything. On newer dell servers, there is something called iDRAC, you can use a tool called ipmitool to change "some" of the BIOS setting through iDRAC with this. There are other tools that let you change RAID controller settings. It depends...
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    Adding program rules to ufw application.d open ports to ALL apps?

    I couldn't find a way to capture the whole pull down menu. (Screen snapshot didn't work) But there GUI's for openVPN. There are also GUI's for firewals. Man... I need to figure out how to capture pull down menus. :) (I don't use GUI very much).
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    Adding program rules to ufw application.d open ports to ALL apps?

    Firewalls generally don't go to the application level. The OSI model starts at the bottom and goes up. If a port is open. It's always open for everything. About all you can control is IP addresses (white-listing) and ports. Basically the port IS the application. In other words, the port is...
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    Why some people hate Ubuntu?

    It seems to be a Ford/Chevy thing. Some people just feel one is a lot better or worse than the other. It isn't just Ubuntu. Some people hate Debian, or Redhat or Fedora. But they are all good distros. As far as Ubuntu being pre-loaded. I've seen that on some laptops and workstations, but I...
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    Why human computer interaction in Linux is the worse for the very beginning users compare to Windows and MacOS

    Windows has it's own share of problems and dependencies. Windows update hasn't been doing so great the last couple of months. It broke a few million windows computers. (Do a google search for windows 10 updates breaking). The fix for this broke even more than the original failure. Installing...
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    Linux no boot after install!

    On EFI systems, there will be an "invisible" file system. It doesn't get mounted to the linux filesystem. [[email protected] ~]# fdisk -l Disk /dev/sda: 238.49 GiB, 256060514304 bytes, 500118192 sectors Disk model: CFast 3ME4 Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Sector size (logical/physical)...