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  1. wizardfromoz

    Linux on very old PC

    G'day @nedjinski and welcome to :) Folks, not everyone has money to spare for memory sticks, even if bigger sticks (RAM-wise) are compatible with the old PCs. So let's give the OP what he asked for, which was At this page of Wikipedia is a fairly good list...
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    Not so, Brian. It is only the Community Versions - Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu and so on which ended last year. Ubuntu 18.04 is good until April 2023. Reference - Welcome @baychev555 to :) Chris Turner wizardfromoz Edited typo should be Ubuntu 18.04
  3. wizardfromoz

    Rock Roxx

    I liked it when he and Carly Simon were together. Brian, can't work out the "clobber" stuff 2 above. Chris
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    Package Installation Error When Updating

    Thanks for letting us know, I am just completing updates and upgrades on Pop, so I'll hold off on installing a different DE. :) You can install Timeshift from your Software Centre - if you have questions on how best to set it up for your situation, ask me over at my Thread that @brickwizard...
  5. wizardfromoz

    Package Installation Error When Updating

    Actually, I am interested. Pop_OS is on my list for tomorrow to run updates and run a Timeshift snapshot. I might run them, then slip on a KDE Desktop. Welcome to @Robieie Chris Turner wizardfromoz
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    How to automatically suspend HDD

    G'day @Dave123 and welcome to :) 1st up tell us what Distro and version you are using. Then, did you specify the drive in your command, eg hdparm -S 48 /dev/sda ? Cheers Chris Turner wizardfromoz
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    TinyCore USB installation

    Crikey, I didn't know it was still operating :) G'day @grmsyd from DownUnder and welcome to We are quite possibly a little light on in support for TinyCore, but if Members here are using it, step forward. 12.0 is certainly the latest release (17/2/21 on Distrowatch), and their...
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    du -sh showing more space used than the size of the disk - how come?

    Our beams crossed, Jas, Ghostbusters say that's dangerous ;) My bad on the BTRFS reference, #3. I would reference it in the title, or certainly the first Post, so that helpers are alerted straight away. Wiz
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    Rock Roxx

    I was clobbering a Spammer (don't even ask), and this song came to mind so I googled it and found there were 2 other versions by artists I also enjoy. So here's the three of them. "Carolina in My Mind" and and Wiz
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    mental well being and coping strategies

    Andy, I went on a pilgrimage to Glen Innes in New South Wales the other weekend, looking for a wise man, but found Brian @Condobloke instead, so shared a beer or 3 with him. OK, that was glib (one of my coping mechanisms) I just read Elaine a part of Brian's signature, which says, in part It...
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    du -sh showing more space used than the size of the disk - how come?

    For the rest of The Viewers - lsblk does actually work on BTRFS under Linux (I am in Garuda and it works), but it is not on Synology by default, whose repository is virtually its own appstore. You can install Linux commands such as lsblk and others using Optware, then update your packages and...
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    du -sh showing more space used than the size of the disk - how come?

    Maybe also mention wherever you go, in the first Post, that you are using BTRFS? ;) From a friend's signature Learn how to ask a good support question. Cheers Chris Turner wizardfromoz
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    Retro Linux user seeking advice

    A better start would be to address this in Getting Started. The support forums are for questions and answers, here being for "Hi - I'm such and such and pleased to be here, glad to meet you" and so on. That being said G'day @BadlyDrawnGirl and welcome to :) Chris Turner wizardfromoz
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    change partition sizes

    Are you on BIOS-MBR or UEFI-GPT? If the former, you may have an Extended Partition which will need accounting for, we cannot tell better without a picture. If you wish to DIY, then I suggest Googling gparted resize partitions youtube and view each video until you understand. Cheers Wizard...
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    Linux distro that can work with multiple monitors

    Start it in Linux Hardware, please. Chris Turner wizardfromoz
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    New member

    G'day @Eater and welcome :) If you click the heading top left that says Forums (or right-click and open a new tab in your browser), you will find a sub forum called Command Line described as How to get things done via command line (CLI). There you can ask questions on commands, and also on...
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    Today's article answers a question about apt-remove vs apt-purge...

    One is older than the other. The first was originally sudo apt-get remove --purge package_name and goes back to when APT was first introduced to Debian and Debian-based Distros. It was left functional, even since apt has more recently been favoured over apt-get. Wiz
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    Samsung 8x0 EVO and Queued TRIM. Is it a big deal?

    Loop devices are typical to, but not confined to, Ubuntu, and if you Google ubuntu loop devices you can find some reading. They are often, nowadays, related to the installation of Snap packages. Wiz
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    Samsung 8x0 EVO and Queued TRIM. Is it a big deal?

    I promise not to pee my pants, but @Atlantean do you remember what size the ESP was to start with? Cheers Wiz
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    WiFi, USB, Antennae that work well with Ubuntu Linux

    Moving this to Linux Hardware, where wifi issues are handled. Good luck. Chris Turner wizardfromoz