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    Changing rate of floating window size change i3

    So, I use i3, and set all borders to 0. When I make a window float and the default size it pops out is inapprpriate, in i3's resize mode it takes forever to use the arrow keys to change the window size. Since I don't have borders, I can't drag the window edges with my mouse. Is there a way to...
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    [SOLVED]Certain apps can't determine location of home folder

    I am sorry if this question is vague, but ever since I've installed Arch and i3 on my laptop, there have been persistently annoying bugs related to apps not being able to create, edit, or access folders in my home directory that they need to function. For example, I had to manually specify my i3...
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    Pressing 'a' will sometimes act like pressing 'tab' and/or 'enter' in Firefox text box

    I'm not sure whether this is a Firefox thing or a WM thing (I use i3), but oftentimes if I press 'a' in certain Firefox text boxes, it will tab to a different element or finish what the textbox was doing. For example, in the browser version of Discord, when I perform a GIF search, if I try to...
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    LG Gram 17 2020 Won't Shut Down on Kernel 5.5+

    Hello everyone, I was trying to install Arch dual booted with Windows on my LG Gram 17 2020 laptop. Everything worked as expected, except that shutting down, rebooting or halting would result in an infinite hang on a blank screen. You can read the saga (including logs and such) here. Notably...