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    Favorite Terminal Emulator?

    So i think the title says it all. I want to start using a new terminal in order to be more efficient as i end up opening too many terminals and its kinda slow too. I was thinking about various ones like tmux terminator guake and a few others. I was wondering if you guys can recommend any of...
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    Question about bash scripting

    So after a long break from linux i stated looking at scripts in bash and i got a question about it. What in the world is a script parameter? I have basic coding ideas cause i did snap coding in computer science at school but what in the world is a script parameter?
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    Question about ls command and locate

    I type in ls *.doc to find all docs in my directory but somehow it says cannot access *.doc: no such file or directory. Im trying to use the locate command and somehow its not working for me. Does anyone know why its not working for me, im following a gudie and somehow its working for them...
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    Question about mv as well PS1

    After a short break from Linux due to insane amounts of homework i was finally able to find sometime and play around with it. I found a online course that was up to date and is started it. I have a few question as google does a bad job explaining it. First question is what is the difference...
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    A few questions about ubunutu and app installation

    So after my first week and a day with linux i am started to get confused about the commands regarding installing applications. So from my experience apt-get is no longer used because its kinda old or something like that. The command used is usually apt install or any thing like that. The thing...
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    Question about Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

    Hi guys! I started following a ubunut tutorial and one of the lessons were about the unity tweak tool and how if you navigate to computer/usr/share/application you can find all the desktop and i see that the files but im confused cause when the guy opened them he launched a app but for some...
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    New Linux user from NYC

    I recently started to learn how to use Linux after i got a new SSD and decided to do something different with it this time. Currently i know nothing about linux and im hoping to learn something about it and maybe even use it as my main driver. In the past i used linux and i hated it cause the...