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    Change default DNS and name of the file system

    How do I change from and to something else? There are 3 listed when issuing nmcli dev show | grep DNS I entered the ones that I want to "Addtional DNS servers" but doesn't work. Did a nmcli dev show | grep DNS. It still showed and and another one. Why are...
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    Brave is not in the repository

    Why are there users using it and giving rave reviews and suggestions? This question is only referring to Mint and not other Operating Systems. Asked but have never gotten an answer about what's the difference between using the CLI to transport and getting it directly from the repository? At...
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    Why Librewolf is not mentioned?

    No one here is recommending Librewolf browser from the following post: Is it because of the appimage? Is it as safe as what is provided in the repositories.
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    Remote access

    Is it possible for others to remote access into my system? How do I know if someone is doing the remote access to my system? Is there something that blocks this remote access? (Linux Mint 20.2)
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    XnView Moderator said it is a issue with Linux

    I am using Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.2 Posted a question over at XnView and the moderator said it is the Libreoffice Editor issue Question is as follows: Copy and paste of image to Libreoffice Editor and it...
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    Want to add something not in the software manager

    Could I just go to the website and download it? There are things that are not in the software manager. This is can't be avoided.
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    No space left on device

    I used the following CLI to wipe out my USB: sudo dd if=dev/urandom of=/dev/sda When it finished and gave me the prompt back, I have noticed the following message: "dd: writing to '/dev/sda': No space left on device 240353281+0 records in 240353280+0 records out 123060879360 bytes (123 GB, 115...
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    Firejail librewolf error

    It won't launch with errors: Warning: networking feature is disabled in Firejail configuration file ** Note: you can use --noprofile to disable default.profile ** /bin/bash: librewolf: command not found Is there something else that is required to use firejail and librewolf? This is how it was...